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Shooting Detached Garage and Above Gameroom555

seanminor private msg quote post Address this user
Doing a shoot on Friday for a new listing. Home has a detached garage and game room above. There is a covered walkway to the garage so sunlight may not be an issue.

What would be the steps to get this under one roof?

Thanks for the help.
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AltitudeCinematic private msg quote post Address this user
You could just shoot at magic hour no? shoot just before sunrise or as sun sets etc or on a overcast/cloudy day for that one portion of the tour... Ive seen some pretty bright shoots outside.
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craigsauer private msg quote post Address this user
You definitely need to try to time the shoot so that the outside portion will be at dawn/dusk, definitely with no direct sunlight on the path you will follow from the house to the garage.

Scan the house first, since that is likely the most important part.

Outdoor scans can cause problems in geometry in the Capture app, so be careful as you go that the scan locations look correct. I recently posted about a scan I did that got very distorted because I started inside, then went outside around the outside of the house, and then back inside at the other end of the house. The two ends of the house weren't aligned properly in the Capture app, and I ended up having to delete everything after I first went outside and do it all over again.

I've done a few of scans with similar issues. I scanned a trailer that had two unconnected interiors, and that came out fine even though it was mid-day and very sunny. The outdoor path between the two doors was very short, probably only 10 feet. I also did an upstairs/downstairs duplex with exterior stairwells to access the upstairs, and it came out fine. I ended up doing one of the stairwells on a second day because I couldn't get both of them in shade on the first day I scanned.

Definitely schedule extra time to get it done in case of disaster. I'd also warn your client ahead of time that you can't guarantee you'll be able to do it in one connected scan due to potential outdoor areas. It will probably work, but I find it helps to manage client expectations if you make it clear that the camera/software doesn't always work in outdoor settings. That way when it does they'll be extra impressed that you pulled it off.

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seanminor private msg quote post Address this user
So the process would be:
scan the main house first- 1st floor and 2nd floor
begin scan at back door, scan along path and then scan garage
then move to upstairs game room?
Would there be an issue when creating that "second" 2nd floor?
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craigsauer private msg quote post Address this user
That's correct.

I don't think there should be an issue with the "second" 2nd floor. I'm pretty sure (though I can't find it immediately) that I've seen a 3D Showcase with two different 2nd (or 3rd) floor areas, like two unconnected lofts over a large open space.

In general, Matterport's software seems pretty flexible when it comes to multiple floors. Though sometimes it unnecessarily makes multiple floors when one floor would be just fine.

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craigsauer private msg quote post Address this user
And another thing I don't think has been mentioned here, and I will also put in a separate thread:

I've started using an app on my phone that overlays the path of the sun on the camera view of the phone. It has been super-helpful in predicting when outdoor areas will be in shade!

The one I'm using is called Sun Position:

although there seems to be others that are similar. I've been just using the free Demo version but may upgrade to the paid version for more features.

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seanminor private msg quote post Address this user
Could i just scan the second floor of the garage?
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craigsauer private msg quote post Address this user
I'm not quite sure what you are asking.

Though as I'm sitting here thinking about it, I'm thinking I didn't think through the situation all the way. When you start the 2nd floor of the garage, and try to add the first scan of the garage upstairs to the existing 2nd floor of the house, I'm not sure what the Capture app will do. I bet it will work, but I can't say that I've ever done that.

You should probably contact Matterport support and ask them how to approach it. They will probably try to dodge because of the outdoor scan issue, but I'd like to know what they say about the "unconnected 2nd floor" issue, which could easily happen in a completely indoor property, like two unconnected lofts over the same open area below.

They might tell you to add the "2nd second floor" as a separate floor in the Capture App.

I'd say try adding the 2nd floor of the garage to the existing 2nd floor in Capture, and if it complains just add a new floor for it.

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JohnBecker private msg quote post Address this user
When you scan the second floor of the garage, it should be a separate "floor" that isn't the same as the second floor of the house. I had a situation like that and Bob Horn at Matterport said that two non-contiguous "second floors" would have to get separate floors assigned to them in Capture. This may have changed since then, but it seems like the safe way to do it.
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