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First PAID Shoot tomorrow ~ My Journey5509

erikolsonmba private msg quote post Address this user
If you saw my first post, it was a story of excitement, preparation, terror and then dismally failing...


***I am all about sharing, but please ask before using any of the below as a template in your marketing or communications.***

Like any good entrepreneur, I reflected with note on Google Notes (Redacted Private info)


3pm @ **** --------- C-------, IL 6---- USA
Team Phone: (---) ***-**** Office: (---) ***-****

Meeting with {{REDACT}} & {{REDACT}}

Talk about using Matterport as their VT software.


They use as their photo and floorplan tours. They pay about $140 a listing and get the following:

1. Hosted listing page with all other active listings.
2. Measured floor plan
3. 40 photos of property
4. 3 Flyer versions

Hosted Page: {{REDACT}}

They have Matterport in their office, but none of their tech team knows how to use it effectively. They want a real photog to take the photos if they are going to offer virtual tours.

Major Concerns:

1. Matterport VT does not look good from their people
2. Photos pulled from Matterport VT is not good looking
3. They push the photos and floor plan to over 240 aggregator sites.
4. The additional premium tools on Zillow are not good quality and EXPENSIVE. Clients ask to take down.
5. No need for additional services since MLS pushes to Zillow and

Other Opportunities:

1. Youtube home showcases
2. Agent Marketing videos

Promised Actions:

1. Create example tour and photos to show my abilities
2. Determine if Matterport can offer a hosted listings page.


I shot the example I posted previously and then found the WP3D Models. I pitched it back to them in this email.



Over the weekend I staged and shot this property on Maynard Lake. Here is the link for the MLS compliant tour.

All of the still images shown in the tour are from the Matterport software — not a single photo was my DSLR Camera.

After using this camera, I feel that if you are a good locator then photos pulled will look like DSLR photos. In fact, the property I captured was already listed and photographed by the local homesight and posted with Keller-Williams here for you to compare my work to theirs.

NOTE: I was concerned to see the photos were altered by the photographer in this listing. There appears to be a “dreamy” filter applied to the images and a vivid color shift applied. I imagine this was done to make up for blurry or over exposed photos. You will not see that in my photos. I will make them as realistic as possible by using proper lighting and camera exposure control. I will not try to “fix” photos that were taken with bad camera settings.


I can provide a vanity branded site solution for your listings. Here is an example of a person I am working with out of Sacramento. The site contains a marketing header that would be removed if you want the vanity branded version. {{REDACT}}


1. What I am looking to offer your team is a shift in thinking. Currently, photos are just “necessary” to get a listing to market. Using the Matterport and focused marketing to potential sellers, you can WIN MORE LISTINGS! I have noticed that RE Agents are fighting over who can "sell your home in 59 days or will buy it"… or "we sell your home not buy it"… or “Realtors who Rock”… Your team can come with a FRESH MESSAGE. "{{REDACT}}”

2. I have access to tons of marketing material and videos that promote this “24-7 open house” message. There is a nationwide move the market the 24-7 Open house to potential sellers, with the goal of winning more listing for the Broker. There is marketing material not only for businesses like mine, but they also have material I can provide the Agency for their marketing purposes. This allows you to introduce this new concept to potential listings without lots of production cost.

3. Can a Matterport tour help an existing listing? Possibly, but that is not where you will see the best results. I would love to shoot current listings, but it may be fruitless unless the seller is on board and willing to look at re-doing the staging in the house. The money is better spent on winning NEW LISTINGS!!!

As you are probably aware, there is more money in “winning listings” than in processing "buyer leads". Once you get the listing to market, the other agents in town will sell your listing! With my product offering, your office will be sought after for the “Open House” method of promoting their property. Further, I will give your listings more exposure by posting each on my Facebook page and social media.

Can I start this new marketing plan with your team?

Erik Olson, MBA
Licensed & Insured sUAS Pilot aka “Drone Pilot"
[Email Address Redacted]

P.S. I ask that any of the ideas I have brought in this email not be used unless my services are retained. If at any point I cannot produce, I would understand you moving away from my services and continuing any marketing ideas I create for you.


For those playing at home, see if you can find all of the pitches in here!!!

That caught their attention and I got an immediate email when they got in the office the next morning. They had a price in mind and wanted me to shoot a new property coming on-line.

Tomorrow [Thursday, 28 September 2017] I will be shooting my first property - redemption is so sweet!
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thanks for sharing. Awesome!

Good luck with your shoot tomorrow (Thursday, 28 Sept. 2017).

Please do keep us posted.


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