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Viewing: What it is and how it helps5505

Viewing private msg quote post Address this user
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Firstly, thanks to all the guys who checked out the site and signed up. I read back the post and realised it wasn't very explanatory about what we're actually trying to do.

It's free. I didn't mention that and it's important. It doesn't cost you anything but it can help you get more business.

Just for today [Wednesday, 27 September 2017], I've made the site public so you can get a better understanding of the platform before deciding to sign up.

Please follow these instructions and do this on DESKTOP or LAPTOP as we are still finalising mobile css...

1. Visit (set your search to UK)
2. Type in and select a place called Lisburn and a radius of 10 miles
3. Find the Saintfield result and click it

You will see just how different this is to standard listings sites. It tooks 5 minutes to create that listing.

It's only for the community to upload to in order to:

1. Give your clients something special that helps them stand out and reach a worldwide audience, requiring YOUR services to list on Viewing
2. Start to make 3D a specialist discipline
3. Elevate your status as a 3D Pro
4. Make 3D popular more quickly with the public, bypassing the traditional listings sites' decisions
5. Set our own direction and futures

Viewing has the capability to showcase places in any category, not just real estate. We want to create an interconnected world of 3D to familiarise people with entire locales before they relocate there or visit for a holiday for example.

With this in mind we created the world's first 3D Town to show you our vision of working together to start building the world in 3D -

You can walk around the town center and go in and out of all the shops as if you were there. All companies inside the town have their own fully functional website inside Viewing that's all connected up via the 3D model that was discoverable by the 'Places' category search on the home page (which we have temporarily disabled).

We're also creating examples in the hospitality sector to show you and subsequently your clients what's possible and open up this market for you to move into. We worked with one of our American friends to create this. It's more to show the client how to utilise 3D content on their own site -

So this hotel would be discoverable via the following category searches on Viewing because it contains all of the below:

1. Hotels
2. Events
3. Weddings
4. Restaurants
5. Places (via condensed search in Washington DC)

If you uploaded this hotel, you would be paid every time somebody made any type of booking for it on Viewing.

We've done all of this for you guys. It's been nearly a year of hell trying to build this thing. I'm not one for sob stories but I can assure you it's not been the greatest of times.

There are no ulterior motives. We just want to work together as a community, use this worldwide platform to make 3D popular as quickly as possible, spark public demand, move into multiple categories after real estate and you make money every time something gets booked that you uploaded.

You won't get this kind of deal anywhere else. It's an opportunity to create an avalanche of business, get paid for all kinds of new jobs and then continue to make money every time it gets booked forever.

To me it just seems like common sense. Tackle the problem of market penetration at the root and all succeed together using a platform owned by you that you can set the direction of. It doesn't matter what any other listings or bookings sites do then, they couldn't compete with a community of thousands of 3D Pros. Think about that - it's not a flippant statement.

I urge you to look at all of the above links, consider the possibilities, come up with ideas and PM Dan for the url to sign up and start uploading.

I'm on WGAN-TV Live at 5 tomorrow [Thursday, 28 September 2017] to explain the platform further but it makes sense to see what we're doing first and decide if it's worth tuning in.

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3rd Party
AerialLook private msg quote post Address this user
Viewing is a great opportunity but needs the community to rally together in order to make it an effective platform. It won't happen over night but we believe Ryan has created a great eco system and platform to grow your 3D business and revenue streams. We are excited to watch Viewing grow and look forward to working with them on job creation for the network. We picked Viewing to facilitate our job orders along with sourcing operators from the We Get Around Network because they have built an easy to use solution for finding jobs and monetizing your content. We want to congratulate Ryan and his team on a job well done.
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Viewing private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for your kind words Robert. If the community shares your vision for what can be achieved by using Viewing, no 3D Pro will ever be short of work again and will continue to make money forever via commissions on bookings on places they uploaded. It's a process to get to that point but we've made it a 5 minute job to upload a beautiful real estate listing and get the ball rolling. We made it great for agents and brokers too. Just give it a try and you will quickly see.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Ryan canceled his appearance on WGAN-TV Live at 5 today (28 September 2017) and withdrew his exclusive offer for WGAN Forum Members.

If you have questions, please contact: Viewing.Online

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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
Is this going to be rescheduled or is it off with nothing further?

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Off with nothing further.

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