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Matterport TOS Holding Back Camera Sales?5464

WGAN Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Just received this voice message (automatically transcribed) ...

Sounds like a great topic for WGAN-TV Live at 5.

I will ask the Pro if we can record our video chat and share with WGAN-TV Live at 5 audience ...



Hi Dan my name is [redacted].

I am a photographer that had recently gotten intro to Matterport photography and I have been following your We Get Around Network [Forum].

I have not joined.

I've been thinking about it, but I saw the recent post and I get notified by email when [YouTube Video] come out about the Matterport Survey and some legal issues; particularly the one where somebody user didn't wish to be identified had some issues with Matterport's terms of use as you do serious issues and I wanted to talk to you about this when you have a moment.

I don't wanna interrupt your day I'm sure you're very busy but I didn't know a better way of contacting you without overwhelming you with a long detailed email which I don't wanna do so I was hoping perhaps I could speak with you for 10 or 15 minutes get your insight feedback and share my very strong feelings about their terms of use and copy rights which has really prevented me from actually moving forward offering the service because I have serious doubts.

I'm hoping that you'd be so kind as to share 10 or 15 minutes of your time and call me when you have a moment. Again my name is [redacted]. I'm in [redacted]. My cell phone is [redacted].
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PeterMcCready private msg quote post Address this user
Copyright's a major issue for me too, I've lost track of the number of discussions I've had re it, local hosting as well but they're definitely thinking about that too if the survey is anything to go by!

I've genuinely faith that they'll eventually come to their senses re it, it must be seriously restricting growth.
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DannyBasting private msg quote post Address this user
I've always found their ToS kinda weird..

Now that we have the ability to download our panorama's, would this proof of concept I did be allowed using the MP current state panorama's? If so, we are sure moving in the right direction

I just got reminded about that topic, but I didn't check the ToS just yet though.
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mori private msg quote post Address this user
I am praying this for a while now and especially when Europe introduces the new Data protection and privacy rules ( MP has a problem.

Due to their Partnership with Leica - owned by Hexagon - I guess they will be forced to make major changes especially for the AEC/BIM-clients. I hope they create a special MSP Pro programme for more advanced customers including special contracts and also special hosting options.

Here the most important part:
The same rules for all companies – regardless of where they are established: Today European companies have to adhere to stricter standards than companies established outside the EU but also doing business in our Single Market. With the reform, companies based outside of Europe will have to apply the same rules when they offer goods or services on the EU market. This creates a level playing field.

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Gerhard private msg quote post Address this user
Their time is running out to change the TOS. If they don't do that soon, they can just as well close the doors.So I hope with that new survey they are taking us seriously. And hopefully, everything will be implemented in 2 years time as we know the pace now of how they add features. Wish they worked as well as Insta360 , where you email them a suggestion or a problem and the CEO gets back to you with a solution and a week later there is an update for the request, and they have sold way more cameras than MP, so can't use the excuse they are small and can talk to their customers and listen to them.

I just think we all have to take a knee and stop uploading tours to Matterport until they listen to us. We have the power without us, there is no CONTENT = No Matterport. So there is power in numbers here.

I was always wondering about the company if their passion is 3D showcases and being the best in this field or making money. And by the looks of things, the greed for money is going to cost them in the end.

Do we have any new updates on the new NCtech cameras, workflow etc?
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mori private msg quote post Address this user
@Gerhard - as I don´t think MP´s CEO does listen to his clients well I hope we could solve this here in europe with an alternative solution and the power of collaboration between Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Munich & Paris. Maybe even as open source. Watch out for news via VR Base Amsterdam and cross fingers we get funding from the European Union and other parties.

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