Hi I am new around here guys, I received my Matterport camera a week a go so I am just getting started!

I want to excuse for my english, It is not my native language.

So my question to all of you!:

I am having some trouble with playing audio files on an apple device. I am using Tumblr for audio files because the player is nice and small and there is no company logo or whatsoever. I took me a while to find the best looking player with no other company logo and nice desing so i was really happy Tumblr was Filling my demands. It is working Perfectly om my PC! (See image below)

However it is not working when I open the 3D space on al apple device, when you click on it it has a link to my tumblr page where the audio file is uploaded, looks really unprofessional. (See image below)

Can anyone help me out? Or someone knows a good looking audio player wich is supported by embed.ly? (Embed.ly makes mattertag possible)

I am looking forward to an awnser!