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Create Demand: Matterport Targeting Sellers?5401

DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Is Matterport targeting Sellers to increase demand?

I have seen Matterport running retargeting ads for real estate agents and in the AEC space, but I have not seen home seller facing retargeting ads. Have you?



P.S. The following comments are from this discussion ...

Matterport Retargeting Advertisement

Originally Posted by @Richierichks
Interesting, really makes me feel like I bought into a technology and a company that doesn't care to help me at all. It is really disappointing that they are working so hard to eliminate my potential customers by selling them a camera.

On the other hand, still no GSV platform. I find it interesting that I got "accepted" into the Beta program and I have not heard a word about it. How is it a Beta program if we aren't testing it? Is anyone else on here doing ANYTHING with the "Beta" program?

I would really like to know the answer to your question @DanSmigrod. I would think that they could drive the demand for their products a lot more successfully by creating a consumer demand for them, not trying to sell the Realtors that don't believe in using the technology now.

I was really excited to get going with Matterport, but now that I am to the point that I will probably have to go find a job to pay my bills I'm pretty skeptical in Matterport taking off before lower priced consumer products take over the market and make 360 photography a commodity.

My disappointment isn't just with Matterport, the way that the GSV platform has changed in a way that seems to have really lowered the value of a tour to businesses is making what I thought could really take the place of the realtor business less likely to help.

I hope I can somehow turn the corner and make this work because I don't want to go back to working for "The Man"!

Originally Posted by @fullpreview
@DanSmigrod - I have not seen anything, YET, specifically targeting "sellers"... BUT, I and other Realtors are easy targets on Facebook because it is a campaign directive choice. Then, of course, if you click on a Facebook ad, retargeting code is activated that can cause further ads all over the open internet.

If Matterport can figure out a way to target and retarget sellers, that would be amazing because this is something still not perfected in the real estate industry.
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fullpreview private msg quote post Address this user
As an after thought on this, I can't see a strong enough value proposition for Matterport to connect with "sellers" directly unless Matterport, as a company, has devised a way to capitalize on sellers.

It is severely cost prohibitive to advertise sellers directly, IF only to create an influential demand on real estate professionals to use Matterport because seller's would now see it as an expected standard, even a qualifier for listing their property. This is a really BIG "IF".

Again, my opinion is that Matterport does have a very good reason to push it's technology directly to Realtors yet "branding" themselves to sellers is of little value.

To put it frankly, Sellers don't care about who Matterport is or how 3D Scanning works. Sellers ONLY care about getting more offers, selling for the highest possible price and success with little effort.
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