Video: Matterport Meets Insurance Documentation (11 June 2016)

Hi All,

I received the following message via a LinkedIn request from a Matterport Pro whom is also an insurance adjuster.

Can you add insight?




Dan, I have been looking at your forum, We Get Around, and would like to add you to my network. We Get Around adds a great value to the Matterport business model.

Specifically, do you know of insurance adjusters that are using Matterport for their claims?


Hello [Redacted],

I posted your question to the We Get Around Network Forum here to see if anyone knows of insurance adjusters that are using Matterport for their claims.

I tried a test and learn with a public insurance adjuster that did not pan out further.

Video Matterport Space Meets Insurance Claim
Matterport: Construction Law-Damage Claims

Their thoughts were that the Matterport Spaces 3D Tour would be great for visual storytelling for commercial litigation where there was a huge difference between the expected add allowed value. I could imagine that Matterport Spaces taken for other reasons – win more and bigger premium listing presentations - could end up being used in a claim, but not originally scans for that purpose.

You question is timely for me. I am in the midst of the third insurance claim within with two years for water damage.

The first time that we had extensive water damage on three levels of the house, I offered the Matterport Spaces 3D Tour to the following, whom declined to use it for measurements or for any other use:

✓ two insurance adjusters – uses tape measure plus Xactimate [multiple visits]
✓ remediation company – tape measure
✓ general contractor – uses tape measure plus Xactimate
✓ flooring – uses a tape measure and piece of paper
✓ painter - eyeballs for the estimate
pack-up/pack-out - uses a smartphone (for the estimate and for the pack-up/pack-out
✓ plumber – uses tape measure
cabinet maker - uses tape measure (and was off by two inches in creating a double-sink vanity
✓ Glass Shower door and frame - laser measure

That's at least seven companies measuring the same space for the same measurements. Of the above, I could imagine that either the:

✓ Insurance company could pay for the scan and offer the data to all the trades (save money)
✓ Law firms that do large, commercial insurance litigation are likely candidates (make money)

While it is obvious to me that scanning data mashed up with insurance adjustment tools such as Xactimate will happen, my guess is that it will take 5-10 years. I also image that the scanning solution will be with a smartphone rather than with Matterport.

I noticed from your LinkedIn profile that in addition to running a Matterport Service Provider business, that you are a licensed insurance adjuster. Are you using Matterport in your role as insurance adjuster? And, if so how?

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P.S. By the way, when We Get Around Atlanta bought a Matterport Camera in July 2014, Insurance was one of the verticals on the Matterport website. Today (9 September 2017), I did not see any reference to insurance claims, though I may have missed it. Many Matterport Service Providers copied and pasted the Matterport text on insurance claims on their website as one of the use cases.

Screen grab from Matterport Website. Of the verticals mentioned, insurance claims is no longer one of them