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Video: China: How to Grow Your USA Matterport 3D Tour Business


WGAN-TV Live at 5 (today, Friday, 8 September 2017): @AerialLook CEO Robert Koenekamp with talk about How to grow your USA Matterport 3D Tour Business by leveraging the DaiWoKan platform in China.

Leverage Chinese Real Estate Buyers via DaiWoKan to Help Real Estate Agent Win More and Bigger Listings More Often

How will access China help your 3D Tour photography business?

Driven by expanding wealth in China and a desire for a haven against political instability, Chinese buyers are flocking to the United States to invest in property.

The Chinese spent over $33 billion on United States real estate in 2016. Property owners, agents and property developers have taken note to the increase in overseas buyers coming out of China and want to showcase their properties to these affluent overseas consumers.

Using 3D/VR Tours, DaiWoKan (DaiWoKan Chinese website | DaiWoKan English website) provides a superior user experience for Chinese consumers looking to invest in United States Real Estate.

As a Matterport Pro, featuring your 3D/VR Tours in China will impress your real estate clients and provide your business the competitive advantage needed to:

✓ help you get more 3D/VR Tour business from real estate agents
✓ help your client win more and bigger listings more often

Over the past decade, international buyers have been flooding the United States real estate market buying properties across the country. Many of these buyers are from China and often they begin their search overseas; some buyers purchase homes sight unseen, relying on their friends, relatives or agents to provide feedback on the condition of the property.

DaiWoKan has developed a website (DaiWoKan Chinese website | DaiWoKan English website) to help these buyers with their home search and offers the unique ability to really explore potential properties through a 3D/VR Tours. DaiWoKan partners with the most trusted real estate brokerages in the United States to list their exclusive properties.

Potential Chinese buyers can access the following properties in 3D/VR to get an unparalleled view of these properties:

✓ resales homes
✓ new construction
✓ new developments
✓ student housing

DaiWoKan buyers can view homes from such brokerages as:

✓ Sotheby’s International Realty
✓ Coldwell Banker
✓ Lennar
✓ Ritz-Carlton Residences
✓ Douglas Elliman
✓ All listings on the DaiWoKan website must include a 3D Tour.

Each 3D Tour begins with a floorplan overview. From there, the viewer can zoom in and actually experience the home as if they were walking through in person. Through this innovative tool, the actual home is available to potential buyers right from the comfort of their own home on their computers, tablets or phones.

DaiWoKan provides its users with an easy translation option on the site when viewing homes available for sale and rent. There they also provide information regarding the Chinese real estate market and information about the Chinese people and culture. DaiWoKan has been helping their clients navigate the real estate market between China and the United States since 2015. In that time, DaiWoKan has represented such iconic properties as:
Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch
Michael Jordan’s Chicago Estate
Tommy Hilfiger’s New York City Penthouse
By using the latest innovations in technology, buyers from all over the world can now experience home listings as if they were there in person with DaiWoKan Reality home 3D/VR tours powered by Matterport.

About DaiWoKan and Aerial Look and Matterport Pros

Daiwokan has partnered with US-based Aerial Look to access Aerial Looks' current and future client base consisting of industry leading:

✓ brokerages
✓ builders
✓ developers
✓ property owners throughout the US

Aerial Look will enable their clients to feature United States based property listings in China on DaiWoKan.

Aerial Look also works with DaiWoKan to facilitate any Matterport 3D/VR Spaces scanning requests for properties throughout the United States that originate on the DaiWoKan website.

Aerial Look uses its current footprint accompanied by the foot print of other We Get Around Network Members (Map) to serve the 3D scanning needs of DaiWoKan's United States clients.

Special Offer

We Get Around Network Basic, Standard and Premium Members receive:

Free! – all listings posted to by 31 December 2017
50 percent off 2018 Listings – when you upload a minimum of 10 Listings by 31 December 2017: that's $9.99 instead of $19.98
Please see the Welcome Onboard Letter for the We Get Around DaiWoKan Promo Code Request Form

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Video: @AerialLook CEO Robert Koenekamp with talk about How to grow your USA Matterport 3D Tour Business by leveraging the DaiWoKan platform in China.
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Saw your comment here. Adjusted the time code for Vimeo and posting below ...



This is a great conversation about how to market and include matterport but not dedicate your message to clients that matterport is what you do. Great take away at the 19:24 mark of the conversation but the whole talk is great to hear
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