Video: Matterport 3D Camera Sales Script/Strategy! | Video courtesy of Ben Schwartz

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Got three problems that Matterport Spaces 3D Tours solves? See video above.



Here is the text from the YouTube description for this video ...


Hey Matterport people! Being a owner of one of these amazing cameras puts you in a real position of value and can potentially enable you to make a lot of money, but the camera, equipment, plans, hosting are very expensive, and finding and closing clients can be a very time consuming and frustrating process. Often prospects are very resistant to the service, whether it's because of time, or price, or just not seeing the value. Having a solid script will ensure prospects are more willing to talk to you, see the value in what you offer and ultimately do more business with you!

Step 1- Identify 3-5 problems the specific prospect may be experiencing now, in the past, or may experience in the future (ex. if you are pitching your service to a Realtor, a problem may be that his business is suffering because he can't find a way to be different than his competitors or he deals with many out-of-state buyers and doesn't have a solid way to properly present the property and is losing deals because of that.

Step 2- Identify what negative effect/s those problems may have on the prospect (typically financial effect or emotional-ex. losing money or causing stress)


“Hi I'm (NAME) with (COMPANY NAME) We have found that many businesses like yours are suffering because of (LIST 3-5 POTENTIAL RELEVANT PROBLEMS) which can cause (LIST 2 NEGATIVE EFFECTS). Our 3D imaging service is a great solution to all these problems! Is this something that might be relevant to you? Do you want to hear more about what we can do for you?”

KEEP IN MIND: The number one reason people hang up is because sales people talk about themselves/product first. If you immediately make the conversation about them and show that you understand their needs/problems, they will be way more willing to talk to you!

Source: Ben Schwartz