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Matterport Pro2 Shipping Issues?!5280

runsweetlew private msg quote post Address this user
I put in an order for a Pro2 what feels like months ago. I 100% understand missing the initial ship date, but since then it has been a string of "very soon", "next week", "you're at the top of the list". I even got an email saying my ship date was August 22nd. When I asked for a tracking #, they told me the latest it would ship would be in the middle of September! The customer service rep I just spoke to, again, reaching out, told me she "pitied" me.

Is anyone else having this experience? It is tough to keep rescheduling with large clients that I want to scan their large spaces that they will use for the next few years. A few of these projects are 50k ft plus, so I don't want to go back and redo them.

Any ideas?
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Cleveland, OH
CLE3D private msg quote post Address this user
Wow, that's terrible! I ordered on August 6 and just got the notification it was delivered to my house about an hour ago. I'd start calling and emailing anyone and everyone everyday until it's resolved.
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
I ordered on June 2nd and it was sent out on July 17th. (I didn't receive it until August 1st as it took some extra time to get to me in Canada) After several weeks of patiently waiting I made several calls and emails to Matterport and received the same assurances you got.

My biggest complaint was that I never received any confirmation of my original order at all. Normally if you order something you get an email stating "your order has been confirmed" and then get further notices upon shipping. I had no proof that I had even sent an order until I asked one of the guys to please do me up an invoice of some sort. He did and then it shipped a day after that. I wondered if that was coincidental or if it help speed up delivery.
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runsweetlew private msg quote post Address this user
So a not very clearly understood (at least to me) aspect of ordering was that if you took them up on their upgrade program, you got put at the end of the line. If you ordered new, you went to the top of the list. I was opting for the trade in program as I doubted the original would be worth as much as they were offering me. Then when I offered to buy a new one and the trade in one to get it sooner, they refused to put me any higher on the list. Some consistency there would have been nice.
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