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Attorney Do I need 1? Drone manufacture5237

GeorgeK private msg quote post Address this user
This could be an interesting watch as few people really understand warranty laws or some of the codes that apply. I was directed to this by GOOGLE and an L.A. Times article and it sure seems interesting. I addressed it with the firm and they would not address the Civil Code and why it does not apply. So I did a video. I figured the video could explain the situation to the CEO of the firm and maybe an attorney at the same time.

Take a look, maybe you know a California Attorney that works in this area of law.

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hometakes private msg quote post Address this user
My advice to you is to do what I did. I now have 8 3D Robotic Solo drones. All new in boxes. Why do you ask? Simple, for the price I paid, (between $349 and $399 with Gimbals)It would be easier to throw them away if they started not to function correctly. When the solo first came out, I damaged the Gimbal and back then it was $400 to get a new one which is what I paid. My understanding is that Drone with Gimbal cost 3D robotics $750 to make. So at $399, its $350 below their cost. An equivalent DJI will cost you $1500. So the way I looked at it, its cheaper and easier and less headache thinking of bring legal action which is a complete distraction, to just go buy a new drone from B&H for $399 right now and move on. Thats the cost of a new gimbal with repair and labor from DJI if you owned one of them. Plus you will have parts from the old one and another controller. Lawsuits are draining and distracting. Avoid them at all costs.
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GeorgeK private msg quote post Address this user
@ hometakes If you read the Forbes article it seems that they are walking away from Solo entirely. I was not in the loop for all the discounts and B & H blowing them out. But if they withdraw support for the software / firmware there are going to be a lot of mad flying brick owners out there.

B & H now has no gimbals and they are marked as discontinued. I bet in a few weeks there are no Gimbals to be had anywhere, and right after that no SOLOS. This will be an issue at least in California, my opinion.

If you read the Forbes article and believe, as it is stated in the article, that they jacked up the performance of the SOLO with parts not in the standard Solo to share with the press, that was done to mislead the press and thus the buyers. I would say that is going to be real problematic.

Not to mention that they did not finish the gimbal before they produced the "promotion video" spurring on the question how did they do that video without a working SOLO?
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hometakes private msg quote post Address this user
Hi George,

Im not saying that all of what you said isn't so and lots of Solo owners are going to be mad and maybe there is a class action suit brought forth. What I am saying to you, its not worth your time or energy seeking your own legal advice. Unless you have a friend that does this type of attorney work, its going to cost you at least $150 to talk about the possibility of a case. And if he tells you yes, you have a case, its not going to be on contingency so you will have out of pocket expenses to pay for. So you win and Solo has to give you all of your money back. Was it worth the grief of a lawsuit. Having experienced a lawsuit, Im her to tell you that "standing on principles can get awfully tiring and actually cost you business because your focus went elsewhere.

On a business standpoint, all I care about regarding my comments is you and looking out for what I see is best for you to do. What I am suggesting is, that you would be far better off buying 4 solos for $1600 and assume that you have no warranty with them. Just pretend that you bought them second hand with no warrantee (just like a Matterport camera where the warranty doesn't transfer) but they are brand new and have never been used. Figure that you will get 2 years each out of them before something breaks where the drone won't function. So you've got 8 years worth of Drone ownership. Now compare that with 1 DJI Pro from DJI for $1500. I highly doubt that it will last 8 years so you'd have to factor adding in some repairs costs over the course of 8 years plus the shipping of the unit back to DJI. Now lets not forget while its being repaired, you have no drone to shoot with while its being repaired. So thats not counting possible lost business.

Heres a hypothetical for you. I paid $1200 for my first Solo. If 3DR Robotics gave me a choice of opting for a zero warranty drone purchase and would sell it to me for $400 instead of $1200 with a years warrantee, would I have gone for the second option? Hell yes! Its a no brainer. I would buy 3 drones with no warranty for the price of one with a warrantee. That means 0 Down time if one breaks. I don't even lose the money from the drone shoot I am on that I am on when it breaks. I just get the other one out of the car.

Pick your battles. Its better to retreat and re-group to win the war with zero stress involved.
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