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Here is an example of a real estate agent trade show (below). It's likely that there are one or more annually in your market.

Even if you do not exhibit, plan to attend. Great serendipity. Great learning.

While you may not be able to afford to exhibit - perhaps there is a vendor exhibiting that you could share the expense or other Pros that would be willing to do this. You could divide by day-part of some other tactics.

(For a previous year's Atlanta Showcase event, I offered Matterport two We Get Around Atlanta team Members to staff their booth at no charge. Matterport could focus on Camera Sales and we could focus on agents/brokers that want to engage a Pro. I pitched the idea as a learning opportunity for Matterport to decide if it should partner with Pros to do the same. Matterport declined. They thought it would be unfair to other Pros. I suggested that they test either with one of us and figure out how we all could help. They said they would have a ton of leads for us. I recall it was one and by the time we got it, it was a stale lead.)




Mark Your Calendars and get ready for the most Tech-centric Showcase yet.
The 17th year of Showcase, the Southeast's premier residential Real Estate Trade Show, is scheduled to be held at the Cobb Galleria Centre, on August 24, 2017.

The Trade Show will bring together REALTORS®, real estate professionals and affiliated industries on a single day.

The one day show will feature a broad selection of essential industry seminars from national and regional speakers, industry items, services, and business tools.

Technology is increasingly at the forefront of our daily business and lives. This year's Trade Show will highlight all areas of our industry, from prospecting and market data to creative business strategies and using technology on the fly.

Get ready to be a part of what many past exhibitors call, Hands down, the best trade show value in the real estate market - anywhere! One of the Galleria's largest trade shows, Showcase is again expecting over 3,000 trade professionals to attend this year's event.
If you are interesting in Exhibiting...

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