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I ordered - I paid - The camera got lost5138

MeligenHungary private msg quote post Address this user
After lengthy administration, we ordered and paid for a Matterport Pro camera on 19th July with delivery fee. We opted for Pro camera due to the delivery time. We intended to order Pro2, but we didn't have the opportunity to wait 2-3 weeks until its arrival what we informed your colleague about. DPD (UK and Matterport (UK) promised us that the camera would have arrived by 25th July 2017.
Today is 2st August and nothing has happened so far. The amount of money was withdrawn from our bank accountm but DPD hasn't picked the packet up yet. We have contacted officers several times (Sales and Support) that DPD hadn't received any package after 19th July. DPD officers were helpful, they provided us with all the opportunities, but nothing was revealed about our package. We required their collegues to contact DPD and find out where the product us, but nor the Sales neither the Support helped us. Today we were given a comment by their colleagues: "We have dealt with this issue more than required so far and we cannot do anything" and we didn't succeed contacting your colleagues afterward.
We are confused in this situation...All in all, the procedure has been dragging on for weeks, we don't have the camera that triggers loss for us, it has negative effect on our operation..

What is more....Today I got the information: the camera got lost. Whose responsibility? I paid 3300 EUR..
How it is possible? How could it happen?
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ajabba private msg quote post Address this user
Why was there no tracking on the package?
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JC3DCX private msg quote post Address this user
oy vay, this is bad. Hope you can recover your money. Definitely bad service and support
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MeligenHungary private msg quote post Address this user
There is a parcel number.. But the DPD said that: "Meligen, I have looked into the tracking for you and can confirm we did not physically receive the shipment in our network on the 19/07 our driver went to collect the parcel ans there was nothing to collect."
And the sales and support team said that "You really need to contact DPD as the delivery is their responsibility."

We are annoyed and discontented...
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SailAway private msg quote post Address this user
So sorry to hear. Would you like to purchase ours? We have one spare.
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isabel private msg quote post Address this user
If DPD drivers did not successfully collect the parcel from Matterport, then the lost camera is Matterport's responsibility.

You should tell Matterport that you need proof showing that DPD received the camera. Perhaps a signature? Security camera footage? Name of the DPD person they gave it to?

If Matterport does not provide proof, could you complain to your bank that the money withdrawn was fraudulent?
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justinv private msg quote post Address this user

I guess you can upgrade to the Pro2 now?
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MeligenHungary private msg quote post Address this user
No, I would not to purchase another one, I want to get information and justice.

Because the Matterport's partner in the UK knows nothing about our parcel...what is more, they help us in this case nothing.. E-mails are ineffective, calls are ineffective, and one of the collegue said me that "We have dealt with this issue more than required so far and we cannot do anything". Sorry, but I guess this kind of office work and communication is out of our business policy.

Matterport's partner said many times that "the delivery is DPD's responsibility." I don't agree, because the UK Partner is, who knows nothing, or does not want to know / say nothing.
They said, that the company has not information about the driver, the pick-up date, and so on.. There is not a paperwork, or something else... Sorry, but I guess it is unbelievable.

Then they could suddenly say a route and a name. (I did not understand how it happened because they did not know anything before). We called the DPD and we inquired about the name and route. They said that this is a non-existent person and route number.

So, sorry but I have to ask.. What the hell is going on?? Where is my parcel? Who picked up my parcel?
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Helen private msg quote post Address this user
@MeligenHungary Matterport if you are reading this thread you should be refunding his money and give him a camera for all the trouble he has been through! At the very least expedite a camera to him ASAP and provide a year of monthly fees. This is absolutely horrible!
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Sabrina private msg quote post Address this user
I am worried now to make a purchase.. This is terrible
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JAX1979 private msg quote post Address this user
I had issues getting my camera, was told a couple weeks ended up being just over 2 months.

It is here now and working.

The most frustrating thing is the lack of communication, paying for a premium product and service you expect the customer service to at least be as good as an average high street chain not beneath it.
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