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Is $150 the New Normal?5137

VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Is $150 – the New Normal? How much will you make hourly by doing so?

Is $150, the New Normal For Matterport Service? The topic of tours starting at $150 has been thrown out here a ton of times this summer. Are you starting your tours at $150? @DanSmigrod just shared a fire sale for $150 that wasn’t even at the end of the month. A time where some extra tours may not have been used up and makes a little more sense for a time to have a fire sale in my opinion.

The $150 price is hard for any one of us to swallow with all the expenses to do business. Maybe you guys can help me out with justifying the price to shoot a Matterport at $150. Did you get used to working for outsource companies at this price? Do you do photo shoots at $150 and decide this makes better sense for your time?

When offering a still photo shoot at $150, there tends to be about 3 hours involved. 1hr shoot for 2 hr edit. For photos, slideshow and web links for MLS and NonMLS. Weigh that against Matterport times of a 2 hour shoot, edit on the job and upload at home. Hope the tours comes up good enough for one upload for your last hour. Maybe you make MLS links, maybe you just hand out link driectly from Matterport. This idea does not factor in drive time or gas (pretend it’s Uber drivers not factoring costs of doing business when they brag about proceeds). Clear $150 for 3 hours with no middle man and no outsourcing.

In still photography, we could outsource the editing for another $40-50. But still need to make MLS links for the slide show virtual tour. Make $100 for 3 hours awaiting outsource to finish a project. Even this area is getting hammered in terms of price. Dropping to $79 for 20-25 pictures. I find these companies outsourcing the job for $30-35 to shoot and have edited in SE Asia for $0.80 - $1.50/shot.

@DanSmigrod had a post called Lowest cost Matterport 3D provider in the US.

In it, @hometakes does a great job at breaking down the costs IF the Operation is Busy at such a low cost.
“I see his numbers as viable, but he is a slave to the work if he is working 6 days a week. If he's not, and only doing 1/2 of the numbers above, I expect others to do the same as a Lot of people can live on $80,000 a year.”

I still haven’t gotten my head around how to justify price on 2.0 camera shoots vs 1.0. The photos all get compressed anyway when they hit the web. Yes you can pull some nice shots if the camera is placed for those (I hope you're not selling photos at $150). Best I have seen is MSP’s charging $50 more.

Come at me guys and share your reasons to justify the $150 price!!!

*I’m not here to troll you, finger point or talk mad garbage at choices for price drop. This appears to be our market now and I really want to know what you are doing to justify the price drop we all got so angry about 2 weeks ago when Matterport dropped prices to $199. *

**I want to know how much per hour are you are clearing and what amount goes back into investment for your business for costs of items that tend to get replaced every couple years to stay in business. Such as: new Ipad, new camera, new computer, new editing software, new car, car maintenance, web hosting, marketing, liability insurance, business licensing and new offerings like drone, fisheye lens for other 360’s, tripods, ect. *
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SailAway private msg quote post Address this user
150$? Why even bother, I'll make more editing pics alone!
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isabel private msg quote post Address this user
I'm a realtor and there was a recent discussion at my office about whether discounted commissions are the new normal - and whether we have to match this or that competitor's rate to compete. The conclusion was, there are alternatives to playing the low price game. Instead, you could focus on selling your track record and expertise.

There are many ways to sell Matterport tours. It could be a bare bones experience where a high school kid moves the camera around a few times and someone emails links to the clients the next day. At the other end of the spectrum, I'm thinking about starting a sideline offering 3D marketing consulting to local businesses. In addition to scanning their spaces, I would shoot product photos and customer testimonial videos and put those in Mattertags. I would create "order now" points where viewers can click back to the businesses' websites. This would not be a $150 service. For some businesses, it might be worth $1500.
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cswartz private msg quote post Address this user
I am still at the $250 mark but thinking of a lower offering price. I too am a Realtor and just got my FAA certification to fly drones. Planning on offering package to clients to include stills, Showcase. aerials and neighborhood video. In some cases I will recover my costs through the sale of the property. It would be hard to swallow $150 per shoot unless the client wanted to enter into an exclusive agreement with a minimum number of properties over a muti-year period.
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justinv private msg quote post Address this user

I think people do this to get them to call. Then they charge for highlight reel, wp3d models, snapshots, per 360's, etc.

I can scan a house pretty fast, just so I dont miss the stairway behind a door in kitchen!

I am working on a hack to make me more efficient with my Pro1. As soon as I finish it, I will post pictures or maybe a video when it is ready.
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Helen private msg quote post Address this user
@justinv You have peeked my interest regarding your hack to make you more efficient.
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Ramblinman private msg quote post Address this user
We have a min of $225....anything after that devalues our work!
Post 7 IP   flag post
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
@Ramblinman @cswartz @isabel @SailAway _ I appreciate the input on not being a sellout out.

Sounds like crickets from the MSP's offering $150 or maybe they're too busy to login here.

I'm leaning towards @Justinv's approach on this Quote:
Originally Posted by justinv
do this to get them to call. Then they charge for highlight reel, wp3d models, snapshots, per 360's, etc.

@isabel's discount agents are indeed pretty much the same. They claim syndication is there and no other work is necessary to sell the home. Even more so now with a hot market. Hardly anyone even offers a 3% commission anymore in the race to the bottom.

Feels like we have 4 squares to contend with as other MSP's are shifting their prices before off loading their cameras on Ebay. One side is Camera 1.0 and 2.0 pricing on Quality of Camera. With the other side being Full Scan Tours with Dollhouse vs Path tours that leap across rooms and traffic patterns allowing people to see a general look of the home with no regard for Dollhouse.
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justinv private msg quote post Address this user

Here is the first house I did on Tuesday. They said it was 4500sqft, the floor plans said 5300ish. It took me 2.5 hours at the longest but I think it was 2.25 hours. I did not upgrade to Pro2. You guys can give me honest feedback but I feel I have a complete model. I delete the garage off, I just scan that for the floor plan.

I have another one I did that same day that was 3800 and took less than 2 hours. Well, it would have taken less than two hours if I did not miss the stairs!

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JonJ private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @justinv,

I would not say that this was a complete model, but to most viewers that are only casually looking at properties to purchase, I think it gives them all of the information that they are looking for. If I were to do the property, I probably would have added an additional 12 scans to cover the black holes and toilets, but that is just me. Most home buyers would not give it a second thought. As for time to scan, I can complete 35 scans in 30 minutes. Based on the number of scans to complete this home, I would have had a total of 108 scans. Using some math, this would have taken me 93 minutes in perfect conditions or more likely 110 minutes.

That being said, I am on the lower end from a pricing standpoint and I am comfortable with that as I have been operating my business for almost 3 years and have tested various price points in my market. I have found that even at the prices that I am offering, Realtors are reluctant to purchase a Matterport tour.

For a 4500sqft model, my advertised pricing would be $425, but I do work with some clients where I will discount 20%. For a 5000 sqft home that would be $340 or $0.068 per sqft.

How can I be comfortable with this? It is because I very rarely provide my clients with just a Matterport tour. If they want Matterport, then they typically hire me to provide stills 99% of the time. For me, I charge $200 for stills and let's say $340 for the Matterport tour. That's $540 for about 2.5-3 hours of time on site and about 1-1.5 hours in post. Even after accounting for expenses and travel, that is not a bad day.

While I certainly do not encourage anyone to drop their prices to $150 per tour, there are circumstances where it may be necessary and/or still profitable to do so. Believe me, if I were able to get $0.20 or even $0.15 per sqft, I would. But I have spent a considerable amount of time marketing at those price points and was met with little to no success.

In my opinion, until 3D tours become the market standard, I will continue to encourage MSP to offer traditional photography services.

Thank you,
Jon J
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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
@Helen brings up some great points here in understanding the Low Cost Providers.

"Maybe they do not care at all what the doll house looks like and neither do their clients. I have done a very basic scan, on if I remember correctly a 3200 square foot house and it only took 40 minutes. With that scan there was obviously lots of grey areas in the dollhouse but going through the model you could see every room and it was very easy to navigate."

"The client wanted to try a cheaper option to my normal pricing so I supplied it. All in all if the price was based on time I probably made more on that one than if I did a full scan."

What I think our forum needs to come up with is some terms to share across the board in how to offer lower price scans that scrap the dollhouse view without killing our Quality of Service. WGA is the closest thing to a union upholding a Quality of Standards for Matterport tours.

Does anyone have a view in how to share the 4 points of service I mentioned above? 2 squares for quality cameras and 2 points for quality scans?

Anyone want to throw some terms up here at the wall for labeling the difference between a jump around scan vs well detailed scan that walks around furniture offering a more complete dollhouse? This could help us all uphold our quality as providers and justify our differences in pricing across the world.

This way, when a perspective buyer comes along, we can explain 2 offerings of scans and in some cases offer the different cameras to our pricing structure.

Then decide if we want to go into @justinv 's idea that we can compete locally with the up-sells.
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justinv private msg quote post Address this user

I can see where you would say incomplete model. I rarely do closets, unless they are fabulous, maybe a nice shower and never in a "watercloset"as @metroplex calls it. The one time I was going to do it, they had a kitchen sprayer hooked to toilet that I wanted to get a picture of but the sprayer had sh¡t all over it and that room stunk too high heavens! I did leave door open while in masterbath and you can see it. You can also see a kid laying on the bed. After so many times telling them to move, I am doing my job and getting out.

As for that model and the other one I did that day, I made $425 for one and $550 on the other. They already had iPhone pictures, they told me no need to take pictures. They wonder why it hasn't sold! :-)


I am considering having only one package...everything! Just roll all services together and price it. That way people don't say I saw this person doing this for $99. I don't beat people up on prices, so I don't expect them to do it to me. The package will offer matterport, stills and video.
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