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A professional photographer in Chicago has reached out to the We Get Around Network to rent a Matterport Camera.

The Pro writes:

Hi Dan,

At this point, I’m bidding on the assignment, so nothing is set in stone. The shoot location is in
Minnesota. I would need the camera for a one day shoot on August 5th. I would need the camera
at least 1 or 1.5 days before the shoot and a couple days after to return. I would be flying with the
camera, so it needs to be in a good case.

I could drive a couple of hours [from Chicago] both ways to pick up the camera, any more than that and it would
become and all day drive.


Here’s what I look like:

[redacted LinkedIn profile and website]

[The Pro will publish to the We Get Around Atlanta Matterport account as a collaborator.]


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