Not all of life has to be business. Matterport is as much an art as it is a science. I ran into this man, indirectly because of a fire hazard that was created by his property (home). So I figured maybe the power or video could help. He is going to lose his house if he does not get his act together and fast.

So to try and keep the Fire Department / City off him for a little while and to show good will I am going to offer to Matterport the Fire Station. Think how cool that would be for little kids who want to see the inside working of a station.

I can afford to to Do that for "FREE" can you offer to do a Fire Station. DAN maybe there is some press that could be developed for We Get Around... This is the kind of thing that is a far better idea that Matterport Setting prices. Maybe they would waive the fee to process Fire Stations for a MONTH....

Here is the Video