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Database of VR tours with password?5087

CKC private msg quote post Address this user

Has anyone ever thought of setting up a digital library of your tours, for example if you have scanned 500 really cool spaces and it can be educational and people can pay and subscribe to this digital platform? is this possible? like how do you lock a tour and people with a paid password can get access to it??
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nat_vanveen private msg quote post Address this user
Hello, yes you can create a library on (any web platform) eg on Wordpress and password it using a membership plug-in and use YouTube to host the vids in private or unlisted mode. Then you can set up subscriptions to it. You can lock off individual pages or give access to the whole site.

It's a great idea.
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CKC private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Nat,

Thanks for the feedback....

But when we embed the matterport link in the digital library...could it be passworded???
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nat_vanveen private msg quote post Address this user
@CKC Hi again,

So you don't password protect the url.

Embed all tours onto your web pages.

Then you password protect the 'page' that the tour is embedded on.

Your subscriber will only see the actual tour link if using a cell phone and only when they tap on VR, the prompt screen will tell them to insert into the cell phone into a vr headset.

Hope that helps?
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CKC private msg quote post Address this user
So there's no way to actually password-protect the tour when they use a mobile phone or tablet?
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nat_vanveen private msg quote post Address this user
@CKC No sorry that's one of our bug bears about Matterport it's a public showcase. I think they are looking into providing security but it doesn't seem to be a priority right now.

If you're using a subscriber based system, I wouldn't think that would be a problem, as long as your tours don't need strict data security? You probably wouldn't create a library for industrial verticals or government who require strict protection, but tours like Matterport's gallery are all open so then it wouldn't be an issue.
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kellysuesharp private msg quote post Address this user
Also if you are interested in providing tours for educational purposes, there is a non-profit organization called . They collect Matterport tours to use for education (many kids are in rural areas or on different continents!). We are providing a tour we just completed of a historical home in Texas. I suppose that means you get a tax credit for your donation.... right?

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