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Australian Matterport users help !5084

Sabrina private msg quote post Address this user
Hello I am considering of purchasing a matterport, but have heard so many stories of people not actually making money or worst still have made enough to cover the unit itself.

Can anyone be truly honest and is matterport working for you.
I would be using all my saving's to enter this world. So if you think its to early in the game or save me from making a mistake please be honest and share your thoughts.
I understand it will be up to me to hit the ground running and advertise, but is it truly welcomed here in Australia.

Thanks for your time and any advice given.
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
Tell us more about your situation...

Are you currently doing anything in the photography or Architectural/Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry or are you involved in real estate?

Basically, who is your client, and are you doing anything other than Matterport?
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justinv private msg quote post Address this user
Hopefully @nat_vanveen will chime in for you. That is her part of the world.

I can honestly say that I only make about 15% of income here.

Do you have anyone requesting Matterport by name?
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davemckean private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @Sabrina,

I have been doing Matterport scans for a little over a year now in Brisbane. I am up to about 140 scans in total. It represents probably 30-40% of my business. IMO It is a terribly under utilised technology in Australia for Real Estate. Therefore the potential market is large. However the price real estate agents are prepared to pay is minimal. I would not plan a business solely around matterport. You need to offer it as a complementary service. I had no prior contacts in the Real Estate industry and have had to build my business completely from scratch through cold calling and door knocking. It can be done but if you are already offering a service such as photography and already have clients it will be far easier for you to get a business up and running. Happy to speak with you further if you so wish. PM me for my number.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
@Queen_City_3D @justinv like they touched on, I jumped into the market with a photography back ground and found the Matterport nich thru my full time work. For me it's been an uphill battle. I was one of the first in the Seattle area but now the market is not flooded with cameras but enough so that it does provide a decent amount of competition. So do I depend on it for my income no, do I have good months yes. Nothing consistent. I have found a lot of agents interested but also in our area homes are closing so quick agents do not feel they need to pay for the extras. So survey the market talk with as many brokers as possible. Don't over promise with Matterport. Just my two cents and probably a bunch more stuff that I did not touch on but others will. Great forum for input and research.
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Sabrina private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Guys wow great support!
I am a full time freelance photographer,so I was looking at another niche to get into when I saw the 3D camera. I have been looking around online at real estates and property sites, And actually have not seen any online which led me to believe it is not working here in Australia or maybe a little to early for our market.

Although now reading the forum and other forum's it making me realise maybe it's not the best thing after all, Feeling a little flat as I was so excited to get into the world of 3D not only for real estate but a whole lot of other subjects I believe it would work in.

I will take on the advice mentioned above, and thanks for offering a further chat @skycamuav. might take you up on that.
Looking forward to more thoughts and advice.
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brimtickle private msg quote post Address this user
Hey Sabrina, I'm based in WA. Where are you? The issue over here is that whilst the agents think the technology is great they see it as a vender pays add-on to their standard marketing package. Therefore even if you get the buy in from an agency it's then up to each sales consultant how actively they sell it. This disconnect between you and the person paying results (in my experience) with very low take up. REA & Domain display the tours which helps but until the customer comes to the agent and asks for it or an agency decides it's going to fund the tours as default for all their listings, and pay the bill then, it will be very slow.

As the others have said you need more strings to your bow or start thinking outside of real estate and looking at how this technology can be applied to other industries to add value.
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Marcel private msg quote post Address this user
Ditto what @brimtickle said. I was one of the first in Aus to get a camera 3.5 yrs ago. The residential sector for matterport has never taken off due to the vendor paying issue. Buyers love it, agents love it, vendors hate it. Cannot blame them on what they have to spend just to list on REA.

I only do commercial work and matterport is 10% of my earnings. I'm not sure if I should ditch the camera as a new Pro 2 is not worth 10% and they've changed something on the server that all scans with the old camera look crap. I'm sure they did this on purpose.

I suggest looking at other solutions. Good luck.
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JAX1979 private msg quote post Address this user
Can i chime in?

I have just purchased a camera in the UK - I own a number of businesses an estate agency is one of them.

I would never look to employ an external photographer as the numbers just dont add up. Which is why i have decided to purchase one.

However, if i was looking to buy one and did not own an estate agents i probably would not even look at estate agents as margins are so small.

Look to other industries, builds, tourist attractions, hotels, business profiles even boats. - We are going to be offering this and looking for at least four figure agreements to photograph and then a monthly hosting fee.
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Sabrina private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks again !

Yes I have made a list of other industries that it could work well in. I actually wasn't really hitting the real estate side, but thought it could be an added bonus.. Keep all your thoughts coming...
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Sabrina private msg quote post Address this user
Still trying to work out the Hosting fee, I know they say to include it in your finial price, but in situations where Multiple or hundreds of 3D will be used permanently on business site, is where we might lose the interest on the ongoing fees.

Haven't really understood the hosting section yet.
I need to look at exactly how it all works and how best to merge it in a price or charging a client for long time usage.

If anyone can explain how this works for them I would be grateful.
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JAX1979 private msg quote post Address this user
For me one of the biggest attractions to Matterport is the hosting.

Lets say you charge a hotel 2k to photograph their lobby and bar, they can then inbed this on their website and use it for marketing.

If you charge them a hosting fee of £50 - £100 pm you will get an extra 1.2k p.a. EVERY year.

They will not look to re-shoot with another provider as they do not want to pay another 2k

Most successful service providers are set up as residual income.

You can even increase hosing fees every year.

Think mobile phones, gyms, tv packages. Once set up they do not notice it coming out.
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