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Matterport Kerfuffle

Should Matterport be the Uber of 3D Spaces?5064

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

As I continue to follow the discussions here and here about the now ended Matterport trial in San Francisco, my impression is that Matterport has been testing if it should be in the business of the Uber of 3D Spaces.

While that's a viable marketing strategy for third-party agencies, it fails fast if it is Matterport.

Here's Why

For all of us that love and adore Uber, we all know that no Uber driver makes a full-time living driving for Uber. In the gig economy, these gigs fill down time for the drivers. Some of my Uber rides - uber Pool and uberX have been Premium Black cars (at uber Pool and uberX pricing). The limo drivers are fine with this because they can fill-in their downtime with gigs and still get Premium rides. They are in control of their business.

If Matterport is in the Uber of 3D Spaces business, it immediately kills us - Matterport Pros - by the manufacturer dictation our pricing. And, Matterport reduces - or eliminates - the likelihood of 3rd party agencies getting into the Uber of 3D Spaces business because Matterport can always under-cut them.

That's because Matterport controls the price of the limo (camera), gas (hosting and processing) and Extra Seats Upgrade to SUV (2D Floor plans, Google Street View, CoreVR).

Let us – Matterport Pros and real estate agents/brokers that offer Matterport as ancillary revenue - command a premium for our services - AND, decide if we want to take on Matterport gigs in our downtime from a 3rd part agency acting as Uber in our space.

Matterport should be our cheerleader for the highest prices we can command (here's why) AND foster 3rd party agencies for:

1. one order many markets (as I wrote on 26 October 2014)
2. Uber of 3D Spaces

When Matterport launched, it had to simultaneously invest:

1. Camera
2. App to run the camera
3. Processing
4. Hosting
5. Content Delivery Network

Today (20 July 2017), Matterport thinks that it needs to control all marketing channel. When Apple facilitated music and 3rd party apps - the Apple iTunes Store - that was a sea-change for everyone.

Similarly, Matterport needs to stop thinking that it needs to control Matterport Service Providers and our pricing and how clients buy Matterport Spaces 3D Tours.

Large hotel groups buy photography services from agencies that offer one-stop shopping. Matterport should be calling on these agencies to offer Matterport (instead of calling on hotels to sell them cameras).

One of these agencies is likely already working on Uber of 3D Spaces, BUT, when Matterport attempts to take on this role, it is Matterport's Halt and Catch Fire moment.

What do you think?


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Viewing private msg quote post Address this user
With Uber and other similar set-ups, the end client makes an order for an exact service.

A click and buy service can't work here because the end product is not exact and there can be many discrepancies between what the end client expects and what they actually get.

Who does a complaint fall to and who facilitates it?

Over time it would likely turn into a spiralling and unavoidable nightmare between Matterport and the respective independent MSP.

Matterport hiring staff in-house to facilitate orders is probably the only solution.
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Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
The Uber model you represent here Dan is exactly that, a Fails Fast model. It's not designed to work in my market. Resorts were not designed to handle Uber traffic and now AirBnB.

There's a limit on how many limo companies and operators are allowed in Vegas. Theres always been a county law not allowing Short Term Rentals. Limo companies are not allowed to run Uber pickups due to GPS tracking from the owner and never knowing when down time actually is. Many have to stage with other commitments.

The math of being an Uber driver is similar to that of a pizza delivery driver. Gas prices fluctuate across the country and wage promises change after the first few months. Few drivers do a good job at factoring in the wear and tear on the vehicle with little self control on finances to stay in business. I managed a pizza place 20 years ago. A car would break down and the driver disappeared.

3rd party agencies aren't helping us any with downtime to compete against. I got BS companies offer $35 to shoot pics of a house and agents wondering why I won't do a gig for $89 in order to compete with the outsource company.

These models are designed to put the majority of expenses onto the 1099 contractor to provide the labor and gear to a middle man who swoops in on money that needs to be set aside for taxes, future gear replacement, marketing, ect. as well as down time to keep afloat.

My suggestion to Matterport is to take their pom poms to the varsity league in commercial real estate. These guys have marketing budgets, some residential commitments and an opportunity for new business markets to embrace the product in these other markets.
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