Hello Matterport Marketing,

I noticed an uptick in the last six months of the number of companies reaching out to the We Get Around Network to Find Matterport Pros for their directory of [spaces that help generate revenue].

These are companies that have needs for thousands of Matterport Spaces.

Seems like it would be worth Matterport creating a team to call on companies that have directories of [spaces that help generate revenue].

When demand for Matterport Spaces exceeds supply of Matterport Pros to create the Matterport Spaces - prices will rise for Matterport Pro scanning services and Pro will buy more cameras.

If Matterport stays focused on helping create demand, Matterport will sell more Camera, hosting, processing, etc.

BTW, marketing "price" is not about creating demand (in the long run).



P.S. They are contacting us (which means you are not contacting them