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Pros Getting Top Dollar: Good for Matterport5051

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
19 July 2017

Why Pros Getting Top Dollar is Good for Matterport

Dear Matterport,

It is in your best interest for Matterport Service Provides to charge the most money possible.

Here’s Why

1. You will sell more Matterport cameras to Pros
2. You will sell more Matterport cameras to real estate agents (seeking ancillary revenue)
3. Existing Pros will buy more cameras to scale their business in their market
4. Existing Pros will buy more cameras to scale their business in other markets
5. The more cameras you sell to Pros and Real Estate agents, the more processing, hosting (and ancillary revenue)
6. Successful Pros posting in the We Get Around Network Forum would help sell more camera
7. Turn Matterport Service Providers into referral agents (pay us $$$$ for camera purchases: we end up selling cameras)
8. Repeat the above in other verticals
9. Repeat the above in other countries
10. Matterport succeeds when we succeed

The unintended consequences of advertising Matterport Service Provider Pricing

1. You will sell fewer Matterport cameras to Pros
2. You will sell fewer Matterport cameras to real estate agents
3. Existing Pros will buy fewer - or stop buying - more Matterport Cameras
4. Existing Pros will buy other cameras to migrate away from Matterport
5. The fewer cameras sold to Pros and real estate agents will result in less processing, hosting and ancillary revenue)
6. Pros will continue to write negative posts about Matterport. 10,000+ monthly Visitors to WGAN will buy other 3D-VR-360º-Street View cameras/platforms
7. Matterport Pros will not be receptive to getting paid referral fees for Camera purchases
8. Repeat the above in other verticals
9. Repeat the above in other countries
10. Matterport fails when we fail

It’s obvious to me that Matterport needs to focus on demand creation. In residential real estate, that means home owners need to be demanding that their real estate agents includes Matterport. Think drug company marketing to consumers.

Driving Matterport Service Provider pricing lower is NOT demand creation. It’s a misguided strategy. For those old enough to remember, it feels like Blockbuster dropping prices on VHS tapes while Netflix - now serving 100,000,000 Members - lead the way to streaming video.

Matterport, the metaphor here is help create the demand for streaming video. You have the lead. Please don’t squander it.

We (all) want to believe in you.

We (all) bought our Matterport Cameras because you had a vision for the way people would experience spaces.

It’s time to help create demand. Your marketing needs to have the same magical vision of the amazing computing vision engineers at Matterport.

Be inspired by Apple: it s time to Think Different


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iTours360VR private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Dan for the post - so true!!

Matterport needs to Think Different and get others to think different about its technology and services.

It needs to position itself as a high-tech Digital Marketing tool that offers the power of teleportation, immersive experiences and multi-media engagement.

Something no set of 2D photos or glossy brochure can come close to providing. As such, it needs to be positioned and received by the market as a Marketing & Advertising investment.

Ad agencies charge a good buck to put together a tri-fold brochure or flyers to advertise and market real estate and other businesses. Printers charge good money too for those same glossy brochures & flyers.

Matterport is digital marketing at its finest. The technology should not be devalued or discounted just because the real estate industry is slower to adopt it than anticipated. People buy things they value all the time. The challenge for Matterport and us MSP's is to effectively communicate the value of TIME.

Getting and winning more listings is obviously of value to a real estate professional, but there is one thing we all value highly, and that is our TIME.

As we all know "TIME is MONEY," and that really applies in real estate sales, where business doesn't occur until a sale is made. This whole notion of how easy it is "that even a caveman/monkey can do it" should not even be advertised by Matterport.

Real estate agents and brokers shouldn't be doing Matterport shoots themselves - that is time away from their most important daily task - SELLING! The fact that Matterport provides a Star Trek teleportation system that can take anyone, anywhere -- anytime they are near a computer or smartphone - is GOLD!

A 24/7 Open House enables prospects to narrow down their SEARCH - which saves time for them, as well as the real estate agent traveling from open house to open house. The entire VR space is evolving and growing each day, and the Millennials will lead the charge and demand VR tours in the not-so-distant future!

But until then, Matterport needs to market and communicate the time value of 3D / VR tours. Matterport should never be in an apples to apples comparison to 2D photography - its not even in the same league.

As VR technology impoves and headsets provide an even more immersive experience at a more affordable price (as Facebook recently announced they plan to do with a wireless Oculus headset for $200 to make VR as popular as the Apple iPhone), Matterport and VR tours will be able to literally take things to a whole new dimension.

Don't discount the high-end technology that you've built up and have raised to this point -- it will not bode well for Matterport, MSP's or the VR industry.

Remember - Matterport is Digital Marketing and should be thought of in the same light as an interactive digital brochure. It provides so much more than 2D photos, brochures, flyers or other print marketing materials. It should be in the same (or higher) investment bracket as those older traditional types of advertising/marketing materials due to social media shareability and the multi-media engagement it provides.

The biggest thing holding VR back in my opinion is that "seeing is believing" - and until people actually experience the jaw-dropping presence, they don't truly get it. The old sales adage of "don't tell me, show me" really applies to VR.

Things will begin to take off for Matterport and the VR industry in the not so distant future - if the technology and time value benefits are communicated well to the masses.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Well said.

Matterport needs to focus on the benefits. As you said, how easy it is to use is not a benefit.

Benefits for agents include:

✓ winning more and bigger premium listings more often.

Benefits for a broker, add:

✓ and recruit more tech savvy agents

Benefits for homeowners include:

✓ get the most offers sooner at the highest price with the least amount of stress
✓ get on with your new life sooner


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