Hi All,

The irony of Matterport competing with Pros is that the more bells and whistles Matterport creates ...

1. publish to Google Maps
2. auto-generated videos
3. auto-generated gifs
4. Rich Media MatterTags
5. edit VR Walk Through
6. edit 3D Walk Through

The more the Matterport Service Provider:

1. does not trim the model
2. does not scans a space properly (bad dollhouse, bad walk through)
3. does not annotate
4. does not use the features Matterport keeps adding

It is the Pro Community that will trick out the models to show Matterport scans in their best possible light.

How do you feel about Matterport establishing pricing for Pros as low as $0.06 SQ FT in a major market?

Seems like the more bells and whistles Matterport offers, the more it needs the Matterport Community.

Please share your thoughts in this We Get Around Network Forum discussion:

Matterport now pricing their own 3Dscan cost