Hi All,

In case you can not read the small print (above) ....


How much does it cost?
Our pricing is simple and based on square foot:

✓ Up to 3,000 sq ft $199
✓ 3,000-4,000 sq ft $249
✓ 4,000-5,000 sq ft $299
✓ Over 5,000 sq ft Custom Quote


5,000 SQ FT at $299 = $0.0598 SQ FT

I could imagine that Matterport struct deals with Matterport Service Providers - that are under NDA - and that referrals for this campaign are ONLY going to the Matterport Service Providers that agreed to this pricing.

I could also imagine that Matterport is waiving hosting and processing on these Matterport Spaces 3D Tours. (e.g. Publish to the Matterport account)

What do you thinking about Matterport charging less than 6 cents per SQ FT?

Please share your thoughts in this discussion:

Matterport now pricing their own 3Dscan cost