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Hi All,

If you bought a new Matterport Camera in the last 30 days, should you exercise the Matterport 30-day return policy, based Matterport launching a pilot marketing program in San Francisco that competes directly with Matterport Pros - and established low-ball pricing.

Please see this discussion (and post there) ...

Matterport now pricing their own 3Dscan cost

In the above We Get Around Network Forum discussion, please let us know if you are returning your Camera - or not.




According to the Matterport Terms of Sale - Revised 31 May 2017 - you can return your Camera within 30 days:

4. Return Policy.

(a) Return Policy for Cameras Without Faults. One time only, You may, at Your expense, return to Matterport the first Camera purchased by You within 30 days of the date of the original shipment of such Camera to You, provided that such Camera is in the original packaging with the original receipt. If the Camera and original packaging are returned within this timeframe and confirmed by Matterport not to be damaged, Matterport will provide a full refund based upon the original payment method. You cannot return unwanted items after 30 days. The foregoing return right applies only to the first Camera purchased by You. Subject to those rights set out below regarding Cameras with faults, You will have no right to return any subsequently purchased Camera without the prior written consent of Matterport, which consent Matterport may grant or withhold in its sole discretion. For clarity: (i) any Camera obtained in a trade-in or upgrade transaction is not eligible for return under this subsection; and (ii) the limitations set forth in this subsection will not apply to any limited buy-back program offered by Matterport, and the written terms of such program provided by Matterport shall apply instead with respect to the return of Cameras subject to such program.