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Sell Tour from previous listing to new agent4972

3SixtyNow private msg quote post Address this user
Is it ethical to sell a tour to a new listing agent when the listing agent that it's created for is let go by the homeowner? Also, it was part of a free promotion free the previous agent. I am planning on letting them know and refunding part of what they did pay me. I just don't want to burn any bridges.
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GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
No. Yes. Maybe.

No if the agent paid you and uses this as a marketing tool to recruit listings. Although the seller is his client is the agent your client or did the seller hire you?

Yes. If the seller found you and told the agent to make sure he uses it and in the termination they paid the agent for it.

Maybe. Ethics depends on who you talk to. Many will say they see nothing wrong with it. Others will say the opposite.

By telling them you have to do another one but can give a discount you protect your agent who will be sending you more business than one seller ever could and you will keep the respect of that agent and earn respect from the new agent that you protect your agents.

Plus you give a discount so the new agent does not go somewhere else. And I'd give free marketing to the guy who lost it. Win win and those two agents will tell other agents you watch their back.

If it turns out you do two or the agent bought it from you, then convert the model to not have address but the community it is in along with the agent's branding. Then have him embed it on a community page for him to market how he uses this innovative approach to sell homes. Show him how to post it in social media and soon he will get a deal from it and you have a client for life and an outside salesperson telling everyone how you stuck by him and got him business from it after.

Good Luck
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hometakes private msg quote post Address this user
I keep it a little more simple than that. I tell the new listing agent that if they get permission sent to me from the previous listing agent (via email), then they can purchase it from me at 50% off of what the original agent paid for the tour.

This has happened at least 20 times over the years. Only 5 agents said that they didn't want the new listing agent to have it. Of course, I respect that as they are my client too. The new listing agent also understands that too. Out of the 5 that said no, 4 of the new listing agents ending up using me for the new tour. The new listing agent almost all of the time was told by the seller that the seller like our tour and wanted the agent to use the tour. This way, everyones a winner whether or not the original agent allows the new agent to use the tour (or not).
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GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
I see you are a Standard Member. I think that gives you access to wp3dmodels. You should be using that in a situation like this when you want to smooth over a situation.
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3SixtyNow private msg quote post Address this user
I do use wp3dmodels. I created a new link for them to show their buyers but didn't change anything for the property website so it shows a bad link now. Should I add that to the wp3dmodel page I created for them?
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3SixtyNow private msg quote post Address this user
Oh, I forgot to mention that the original agent did everything they could for the seller. There are ugly arches at the kitchen island which makes it feel like the kitchen is cut in half. All of the feedback the agent has gotten show that every buyer has hated the arches. The agent even had a contractor in to get a quote for removing the arches so a buyer would have that in hand when purchasing. The problem is that the sellers have unrealistic expectations!
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GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
Hope all went well for both agents. :-)
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DroneGirl private msg quote post Address this user
I am a RE photographer as well as MP provider. Like photography, the Matterport providers (as well as MP) own the copyright. You have every right to sell any tour to another agent. We do it all the time with RE photos. In over 10 years as a high end photographer I have only had one agent request I not re-sell listing images for one particular property. I sell the images for the exact amount I charged the original agent. My clients know that even though they lost the listing, the next agent won't get a "deal" on the photos. I never stray from that policy. I have not had that opportunity with MP, but will certainly follow the same rule.
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