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RE Agents: Should I Buy a Matterport Camera?4928

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

If you are a real estate agent thinking about buying a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera (and related gear) - that's a great idea if:

1. You are also a photography enthusiast and already shoot your listings
2. You do enough listings annually to justify the purchase
3. You want to differentiate your listing presentations to win more and bigger premiere listings more often
4. You plan to set up a separate scanning business to scan for other agents

For a successful real estate agent - that is also a photography enthusiast, this is likely an easy, no-brainer decision. That said, engage a Pro first to watch workflow during the scanning and in the post production (Matterport Workshop). This experience will help you decide if Matterport scanning is for you. If yes, you will succeed faster. If not, you will have a relationship with a Matterport Pro to engage for your listings.

I also encourage you to watch this 85 minute video of a Matterport Pro scanning a home:

Matterport 1st Person PoV Realtime Scan

Three We Get Around Calculators to Help You With Your Decision

1. Calculator: How Much to Start a Matterport Service Provider Business Calculator
2. Calculator: How Much Can I Make as a Matterport Service Provider Calculator
3. Calculator: Win More and Bigger Listings More Often Calculator

Engage a Matterport Pro First

If you are a real estate agent - and not a photography enthusiast - it's especially important to engage a Matterport Pro first - and watch this video - to see if scanning is for you (and for best practices).

If you decide to buy the Matterport Camera and related gear - you scan succeed faster as a We Get Around Network Standard Member. Many of the We Get Around Network Standard Members are both a real estate agent (or broker) and photography enthusiast. 40+ Membership Benefits |

I look forward to seeing you on the We Get Around Find a Matterport Pro Map

Happy July 4th holiday weekend,


Video A: I am a Matterport Photographer ...

Video C: I am a Matterport Photographer ...

Video B: I am a Real Estate Agent ...
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North Palm Beach, FL
hometakes private msg quote post Address this user
Ok, I say this with my Realtor hat on, and not my Tour Provider hat. I think I speak from $165 mill in sales in a 3 year periods worth of experience the following:

Very Successful Real Estate agents don't engage in any other activity that isn't directly related to either working to get listings by phone, Direct mail or any other means. Other activities include the showing of homes to their own buyers, working on contracts and what ever else great Real Estate agents do (theres way to many tasks to mention here).

Put a camera in your hand and take your own photos: you are a part time Agent. Yes, part time as you should be focusing on all of the above I just mentioned.

Ask yourself this too, would you go out and buy your own $3000 printer to to print postcards and brochures instead of getting them professionally done. That too would save you money in the long run if you did that, right? If the answer is yes, then again, you are a part time Realtor.

Decide what business you want to be in and stick to that or you'll will only ever be a jack of all trades and a master of none. That I can guarantee you. The agents at the top wouldn't even consider doing anything that can be delegated to another person. X marks the spot and they only ever aim where the lines cross.
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