Hi All,

Today (28 June 2017), I volunteered to livestream to Facebook a lunch/panel/association meeting in Atlanta.

Today was mostly a dry-run to make sure the Wi-Fi connection was rock solid.

Going forward, the association of property managers and commercial real estate brokers will:

✓ promote the live stream in advance
✓ promote the live stream at the event (with credit to We Get Around Atlanta)
✓ promote the live stream afterwards
✓ promote the live stream to the speakers (including upcoming speakers)

I used a spare iPhone to do this event today.

This opportunity came-up because I previously did a VR teach-in session for this group. The group the 3D/VR and have adopted me to join their luncheons (free) and offered us a table top (no charge).

The above is a no cost marketing tactic - except for your time commitment - and it's a great way to embed yourself in the association of your choice.

We take it for granted how easy it is for us all the live stream. For many of these associations, it's magical to have someone do this for them.


✓ it's not about how many viewed the video (though eventually, that will be a plus)
✓ it's the opportunity to meet people 1:1 and connect and demo 3D/VR
✓ I could imagine that all the speakers want to watch the video (after-the-fact) (senior people)

What else? How are you embedding yourself in associations that serve the verticals that you are interested in getting more business?



P.S. Previously I shot 360º video and 360º photos. It doesn't matter what service you offer: just that you get embedded in an association meeting on monthly basis.