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CameraCapture AppNewbiesScanningStrategy

How many scans to become proficient?4882

dtavres private msg quote post Address this user
How long / how many scans did it take YOU to become proficient with the Matterport camera (and software)?

And to re-state it for some, to make sure they understand the question:
- How long before you were able to "quickly" scan an entire space and not feel like you forgot something?

- How long before you were able to create a 'walk thru' in Workshop that looked good?

- How long before you felt good about shooting "all" the "right" scan points to get coverage / walk-paths / angles for still photos?
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Saint Simons Island, GA
HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
a month, but improvements continue after 2 years,
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aristepp private msg quote post Address this user
My scans today are much better than 2 months ago. Today I did 2400 square feet in a bit over 2 hours. Sometimes processing a tour can take an hour, sometimes 30 minutes. Depends on how thoughtfully I choose scan locations in the first place. Gotta think about flow and images at the same time.

I have sped up the process immensely by always turning the face of the camera away from my 'hiding place' so I know I can approach it even before it is 'safe to move the camera'. I'm moving it the moment I get that prompt and never get caught in the image. Saves a boat load of time.
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aristepp private msg quote post Address this user
And sometimes I scan a spot for the sole purpose of making one image and then removing that spot later so that walk through is spaced right.
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dtavres private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks @aristepp

Yeah, on my first scan I figured out how to be very efficient in scan time, i.e. setting the start point of the camera away from my hiding place, figuring out that the camera sweeps first THEN shoots, etc.

95% of the time now, I'm waiting for the scan button to enable

As I've been creating 'walk-thrus', I keep noticing that I could/should have scanned in a different spot, or that I didn't catch a doorway, etc.
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Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Usually when you can catch the pebble
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justinv private msg quote post Address this user

Are you talking about scanning with absolute fewest scans to get the idea about property?

Or scanning every nook and cranny to complete the doghouse?

I use the first method. I don't feel it is necessary to scan pantry, closets and other small spaces. I like to let people use their imagination on some places because I believe people don't use their imagination enough!

After a few scans, you will know what is necessary and what isn't. I get tired of hiding scans in workshop. I hear it is running slow lately!
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72902 7 7
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