So I just received this: [7 June 2017]

Did you hear the news?

On May 31st Matterport announced the NEW Pro2 3D Camera, an all-in-one device that creates stunning 3D tours and print quality still shots.

The Pro2 Features:
4K Lenses
4X the resolution of the Pro1
Faster Capture Times
Automatic HDR Processing and White Balancing
and more...

Please see the website for more info:

As an existing customer, if you order before June 30th, you can save $500 off the pre-order price and get your new Pro2 Camera for $3,495.

Place your order at with the promo code CUSTOMERLOYALTY. The discount will not appear in the cart, but will be applied when it ships.

Please do not hesitate to call or text with questions.

Best Regards,

And I responded with this:

Hi [Redacted],

I hope all is good. I am going to wait on the release of this camera before I buy another camera. I don’t think Matterport offer is that great in all Honesty. For me to get agents to buy more of these tours, I have to sell them cheaper. In order to do that, I would need to buy an additional camera at a price closer to $2000 in order to justify the purchase of another camera.

If $2000 was the price of a second camera (to a current operator) that already purchased a camera for $4000, then I would purchase another from you right now.

I don’t think that Matterport has its multiple camera pricing correct for them to sell more cameras to operators that run this as a business as opposed to Realtors that buy them for their own use.

This new IRIS360 Pro camera appears to be a much higher resolution at 12K and a much lower price at only $2899. Of course, we have yet to see its delivery platform, which is why I am waiting.

Dont know if this email is worth passing up to your bosses for their client feedback.