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Is the Pro2 a Competitive Advantage?4707

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

While I would like to think that the world is big enough for way more Matterport Pros – without competing with each other – I noticed some of the Pro2 discussion about using the Pro2 as a competitive advantage versus other Pros using the Pro1.

What do you think?

1. If you have a Pro1 are you concerned about other Pros competing with you by saying they are using a Pro2?
2. If you plan to buy the Pro2, will you use this point as a competitive advantage?

This topic was inspired this post in a related Pro2 discussion ...



Originally Posted by @Rootsyloops
8 seconds saved per scan - average of 100 scans per house, average of 5 scans per week = roughly 1 hour saved per week. My approximate charge works out to $100/hr. Time to recap investment: assuming 2k resale or trade-in on old camera, is $2000/100/hr. So in 20 weeks, by saving 1 hour per week, I've actually recouped my investment, plus I have a camera shooting higher quality, which I can easily pitch against my competitors that continue to use the older version. Easy math for me. I'm in. I did the same thing when the phantom 4 pro came out and bought one immediately. My phantom 4 produced perfectly adequate photos. But pitching that I was the only pro in the area shooting at 20 mp brought me more business (perception is more important than whether or not 20 mp even matters), and the shots required less editing and were better quality. I'd say it paid for itself in about 2 months. It's all about ROI, and I'm confident the new Matterport camera has a first year return that is a thing least double the purchase price - at least in my business model.
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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
From my point of view: yes it is!

I will go in with 2 new cameras.

With the Pro2 you get much better imagery and further future options (GPS, Streetview, probably better pointcloud data, etc.)
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Chadcloses private msg quote post Address this user
I'm not concerned about someone having the new model. My argument to that would be what difference is it going to make when your MLS or syndicated websites only allow 1920 x 1080 photos up to 2-3 MB? Unless you're planning on printing a billboard with the photo the 4K is a gimmick.
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Richierichks private msg quote post Address this user
I am very curious about the pointcloud is the thing I'm wondering about. If it is better, it may fit better into the AEC niche. I think there is a lot of potential there.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
I am also curios about the point cloud data, I did not hear there was a change in the sensors or the processing that would change that data. I have a concern of photo size like several have pointed out the MLS has restrictions so where would be the advantage there. Yes I would agree if your posting independent web pages there would be a definite advantage.
I would again like to see a comparison of iGuide next to the new camera. I am having a hard time jumping onboard with a new Matterport camera when I still don't feel the customer support is where I would like to see it. Why would I keep investing in Matterport again and not move to something new like iGuide.
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Richierichks private msg quote post Address this user
4K may seem like it is a gimmick, but I come from a high end home audio/video background where that is a huge buzz word. Everyone knows that means "Ultra High Definition". It may be a gimmick, but you wouldn't believe the number of people who upgraded to 4K TVs and projectors before there was even content available or even scheduled to come out!

I agree that it doesn't make a huge difference when the current camera is excellent quality, but it just may be a great way to grab potential client's attention! I know I wouldn't upgrade if I had to pay full price, but since I'm one of the lucky ones who will get a healthy buy back I don't see not upgrading!
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Mikesobay private msg quote post Address this user
I see no advantage vis-a-vis the client.

-I shoot far in excess of 4k for photos and they all have to be downsized for MLS (substantially) and for print.
-I can shoot with a camera and get exceptional RAW photos and composite them, neither of which you can do with the MP
-I can do in-camera HDR that would be as marginal as the MP internal HDR
-The height of the camera for scanning is incompatible with the height we shoot photos
-No agent will be able to see any noticeable difference, in my opinion

I understand the time that could be saved if you could pull out photos from the MP camera, but for the reasons stated above, I simply don't see these photos being acceptable in my market.
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justinv private msg quote post Address this user
My prices are going to stay the same with my old camera. I hope everyone in my market upgrades and raises their prices. For the most part, Realtors are cheap here and everywhere else.
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