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Keep calm and use your old Matterport camera4689

jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
My intention was to use the folling title for my post, but it had too many characters:


The truth is that nothing substantial has changed today [31 May 2017].

- Scanning time is almost the same
- Outdoors limitations are the same
- Limits on our rights as photographers are the same
- Potential use of our "old" MP with Google Street View is the same

So I wonder why you should go crying alone in your office hiding your wet eyes from your employees and customers?

The new camera is an incremental development that adds little value to the Matterport's echosystem.

Think about it:

- It is heavier
- It is more expensive

To compensate price and weight you receive 4K imaginery. OK, I accept that.

Now let´s go back to that moment when one of your most important customers complained about your Matterport model's quality....mmm it is difficult to find it right?

Exactly! I have never received such a complaint and I wonder if your case is the same...

So, in my humble opinion, this is a happy day for the Matterport community because we can purchase a new camera with more (yes, little but more) features, but this doesn´t mean that this has to be a sad or angry day for those that are not planning or cannot purchase a new camera because they are still repaying their first one.

Think about it: if the reason for your slow business is not the camera quality, why should you be worried about new competitors using the new MP? Your customers will not notice it! And if your fancy new competitors are going to use the new camera, you can still beat them on price because you have a less expensive equipment so, in theory, your overall cost would be lower.

Let´s face it: nobody cares about 4K quality in a smartphone unless he/she is a tech fan! Think about all those home owners or non sophisticated real estate agents that are not using the latest iPhone or Samsung. They are still using a very basic smartphone and you really think that they are dying to get a 4K quality model of their houses or listings! They are looking for price!

Of course you will be able to give a better impression if you go telling everybody that you have the latest Matterport camera on earth, but it is quite dissapointing when your prospective customer replies: "I am sorry, and what is a Matterport exactly?".

So, my dear colleague, please keep calm and keep using your old Matterport camera until you think the market and your personal economy is ready for an upgrade.

Being an early adopter sometimes is not the best strategy. You can be a "fast second" or even a "late mover" and still win the race.
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3dVuz private msg quote post Address this user
What HE said.

Shoot away as if the new camera never was mentioned...

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aristepp private msg quote post Address this user
Agreed and to that end, I get that "what is Mudderforth" comment all the time.
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kevshed private msg quote post Address this user
hear hear .. i'm staying put.
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