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How to "Give" Your Scans to Your Clients4678

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

This post is inspired by a We Get Around Network Standard Member whom I just chatted with by phone.

At least two national auction companies are using the We Get Around Network Forum Map to find Matterport Pros.

They WILL want your scans published to their Matterport account.

In a perfect world:

1. Auction company gives you a Matterport Collaborator email address and password: [and uses it for all Pros that they engage]
2. In the Matterport Capture App, log out of your Matterport account
3. Log in to your client's Matterport account (with the Collaborator email address that they provide
4. Upload the Matterport scan to their account (If you previously published to your account, you will need to change something like a trim line.
5. In the Matterport Capture App, log out of your client's Matterport account; then log back in with your account

Clear as mud?

When I chatted with the Standard Member, s/he said the auction company was requesting an email address that was different than the Member uses (because the Matterport system only allows for one email address to be use per Matterport account; which, unfortunately, is true).

If/when you run into this request for a different email address to set you up as a collaborator, suggest that the client:

1. sets up one Collaborator account
2. Enable this Collaborator to publish to a Guest Folder
3. As models are published to the Guest folder, the client should move them out of the Collaborator folder (so that Pros do not have access to any models within the Client's Matterport Workshop)

The Matterport Collaborator process is a mess. And we shared this "wish list" item with Matterport two years ago to fix. In the mean time, following the above process will make it easier on your client, you and other Matterport Pros.

What else? How are you improving on the Collaborator process?


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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod Great points here. I am using about 8 different Matterport Accounts past my own in order to fulfill tours for other people. One benefit to doing this is that the person's account I'm directly contributing to ends out paying the processing fees -- not me.

Concerning multiple e-mail addresses -- if you are hosting, you are often able to create aliases for your e-mail address. email1, email2, email3, etc. For instance, I created something akin to wegetaround[@at@] when I received collaborator access to We-Get-Around's Matterport Account. While I cannot remember why I received this, I set this up so that it sends mail to the same inbox as all of my other mail.

I agree - the collaborator system is a bit of a mess.
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mori private msg quote post Address this user
I totally agree. Also for an agency it´s essential that they can provide a branded interface to their clients and also have the login on their own domain.

And there they should be able to offer their clients a solution to e.g. add metadata like tags and media. Not to speak we have clients that are not speaking english here in germany.
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