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How to Complete with a Low Priced Competitor4642

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

A Matterport Pro emailed me today (23 May 2017) about a price war: pricing likely where no one makes money. "When did profit become such a sin?' ... writes the Pro.

I always come back to Blue Ocean Marketing for dealing with price. You must make your competition irrelevant rather than responding with a price cut.

Examples Include

Option 1: bundling other solutions in one price so that prices can not be compared. Examples include: 2D Floor plans, a video from the 3D Tour, photos expertly edited and more).

Option 2: offer Matterport for free - real estate agents do in exchange for the listing. What could you offer so that the Matterport Spaces 3D Tour was free? Perhaps a bundle that includes 2D Floor plan, Single Property Website, video from the 3D Tour, photos expertly editing, interactive map of multiple properties and more).

Notice that both the above can be identical, BUT the positioning is Matterport is free for Option 2.

Option 3: pursue business other than residential real estate. Restaurants, event spaces, etc. (And, rent these 3D Tours rather than a one time charge.) Just because Matterport Pros in your market are focused on residential real estate does not mean you should.

Option 4: Strike a referral agreement with a competitor in your market. If you know that you will never win the business of a price-sensitive agent, then refer the business and get paid for the lead.

Option 5: Change your pricing so that Matterport scanning is separate from Matterport hosting. This is not my favorite idea, but for a real estate agent that is shopping price, it may help you get a call-back.

Option 6: Add value. The lowest price in the market may not be using Single Property Websites (which add a ton of value). Check-out WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin and KoaWare.

Option 7: We Get Around Atlanta offers real estate agents a custom marketing video (how to order) to help them get more business (and get us more business).

Option 8: Pursue business use cases where Virtual Reality (VR) excels. Bundle VR Viewer with Matterport VR Spaces.

Option 9: Pursue un-built/Pre-Built Spaces. There are a ton of 3rd party solutions, including: 3DVUE, Archilogic, InventiveCG, vCAD and Veriscian.

For inspiration, check out this list of 3rd Party Service Providers that We Get Around curates.

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What else? How are you differentiating your Matterport Service Provider business in a price-war market?



P.S. Join the We Get Around Network as a Standard Member to save $$$$$ on 3rd party services like these to help you differentiate your services from other Pros in your market.

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

In light of the discussion yesterday (18 July 2017) in this We Get Around Network Forum discussion, how to compete again low price providers is more relevant than ever.

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justinv private msg quote post Address this user

As of right now, I take pride in my scans. I might not scan every closet but I will scan the important ones. I am not the in every corner person either but I make sure I get from wall to wall.

Now if I was being paid to be the experiment like a lab rat, I would definitely get out with the fewest scans. A 3000sqft house would get about 1.5 hours of my time. Lots of black holes.

They would not get any of the other services unless they were able to select those and pay my rate. So, they would not get outdoor scans that you can walk around the pool or to the guest house, custom URL, floor plans, pictures, video, etc.

You truly get what you pay for! So I think with all my extras and my personality, I would not have to worry about that too much. I bundle my services, so they cannot pick me apart on price. This isn't my only means of income, so I can walk on any job and know I will still eat at the end of the day.
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