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An Amazing Magic Carpet Ride of Matterport4625

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Video: We Get Around Network Forum Founder Dan Smigrod interviewed by Member Barrie Fisher at IVRPA 2016 in Quebec City.

An Amazing Magic Carpet Ride of Matterport

Hi All,

A while ago, I wrote about Exponential Growth is Coming Soon to Matterport. It's a good read and still true.

In light of the Matterport to Google Street View publishing announcement at the 2017 Google Street View Summit in Tokyo last week (10-11 May 2017), this seems like the right time to summarize why if you are thinking about buying a Matterport Camera, why [url=]buying a Matterport Camera is a great decision. (How not to overpay!) By the way, I bought my Matterport Camera in July 2014 when only #1 was known

Here are my Top 20 Reasons. How about you?

1. Matterport Spaces 3D Tours – the gold standard
2. Matterport CoreVRVR for the masses (In 2018, VR content creation will be in demand.)
3. Matterport Stereoscopic VR – for higher-end clients seeking the best immersive experience possible
4. Matterport to Google Street View Publishing (with enhanced walk-through experience)
5. Matterport 2D Floor Plans (though I prefer Blue-Sketch for 2D Floor Plans) (compare)
6. Matterport Rich-Media MatterTags – and I can imagine APIs running within MatterTags for dynamic content
7. Matterport 360º Photo Spheres (Export) – I could imagine when Matterport to Google Street View Publishing comes out of Beta around the end of September 2017 (Matterport to offer 360ºs as Optional Extra)
8. Matterport trailer videos for social mediaas teased by Matterport at the Google Street View Summit in Tokyo
Matterport artificial intelligence to pick SnapShots and best view – as teased at the Google Street View Summit in Tokyo
9. Matterport Object File – huge value in the AEC Space
10. Matterport Point Cloud – huge value in the AEC Space
11. Matterport Measurements – as teased by Matterport at the Google Street View Summit
12. Matterport APIs and SDKs powered by Rock Star 3rd Party Developers and Service Providers like Chris Hickman, Ross Peterson, Danny Basting, Gary Snyder, Alex, Petra Soderling whom gave us not only a taste of what's possible - , [url=]MatterStats, MatterPlus, MP2VR, WP3D Models, Blue-Sketch, - but inspired Matterport to create faster
13. Matterport Global Brand (England, Australia and coming soon: Japan, China and Singapore)
14. Matterport Project Tango – the democratization of 3D/VR capture will create more demand for professional
15. Matterport to allow other camera companies to publish to Matterport (my prediction for 2018)
16. Matterport to offer Pro version without branding (my prediction for 2018)
17. Matterport Google Street View Program - to help generate business for Pros teased by Matterport at the 2017 Google Street View Summit
18. TBD derivative works - made possible through data capture, photogrammetry and AImortgage example
19. We Get Around Network Forum – a community of 12,000+ in 98 countries giving and getting help
20. We Get Around Network Basic, Standard and Premium Members – hundreds Members – including photographers, real estate agents and 3rd party service providers that receive 40+ Membership benefits to succeed faster. We Get Around grew from being a Matterport Service Provider in Atlanta to helping the Community succeed faster . This is how I make a living. So thank you for enabling me to travel to the 2017 Google Street View Summit in Tokyo (10-11 May 2017) to report back to you.

I am thankful to you (all) for being part of an amazing Magic Carpet Ride of Matterport.



P.S. We Get Around Network Standard Membership | 40+ Member Benefits |

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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
Fantastic post, Dan! It's amazing how so many of your bullet points are NEW features that have been introduced so recently!!!!
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LetMe3D private msg quote post Address this user
@dansmigrod you deserve it Dan. I for one am very greatful for your hard work and effort you put into this forum. My hope is to one day soon go MP way, maybe when they release the pro non branded version. I am a old school guy and have voiced my opposition to MP from a business model point of view but always acknowledging the tech they have as being I guess as you say the gold standard and very cool.

The people here are amazingly helpful. So I salute you as well as them for taking a dive and making it work and pioneer the way for guys like me to follow in your footsteps.

Continue the ride Dan, enjoy it while you can.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for your super-kind note.

I could imagine Matterport offering a Pro non-branded white-label version (when other companies show the way...) They could make more money and the Pro community would be happy.

Yes. The We Get Around Network Forum - is a Community - eager to give/get help. Thanks for acknowledging that and for being part of the giving/getting help.


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