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Problem with scan462

Jennifer private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Gang,

I tried scanning in the shade of the balcony of this office building today but ran into some troubles... for whatever reason the scan locations showed up in different areas on the balcony (top floor)and if you look at the model in the dollhouse view it shows walls where there shouldn't be any and also in the walkthrough the scans don't connect (you move from one to another and it'll take you to a completely different location).

I'm currently uploading a new model with the deck scans completely deleted and I hope that's that (although it's too bad the deck won't show up on the scan).

Anyone have any idea of what went wrong?

There's one other weird thing... on the same floor opposite side of the balcony there's a window that looks into the interior court yard but on the dollhouse view it just shows up as black. On the capture app its clearly marked as a window with the arrow pointing inside correctly... why would that be dark?

Two separate questions I suppose. I'd appreciate any feedback.
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Cindiewozniak private msg quote post Address this user
I had similar trouble with an outdoor scan. Below is the response from tech support, not sure if it will help you. It could be the reflective material & the bright light that are causing your issues.

Matterport tech support response:

Each scan we add helps build the underlying 3D mesh the model is based upon.

All markings have an offset that protrudes back from the thin lines you see. For this reason it's best to keep trim markings back from the building's edge a bit and definitely back from any other kind of markings (like mirrors and windows). At no point should any kind of markings overlap each other.

Recommend only put trim markings where absolutely necessary and pinch and zoom to where you can really make sure they aren't touching any walls (to have the most stable 3D model.)

Distance between scans:

Please try not to scan any closer than 18" from anything, to minimize artifacts.


When scanning a property some real estate agents will remove all the doors in the house first. it's not necessary, but make sure every door you mean to move through is open in every single scan that can see it because anything moving - so open, then closed, then open, etc can create a impassible barrier and affect the quality and integrity of the 3D mesh.

Avoiding sunlight, reflective surfaces, movement:

Your Matterport 3D Camera projects and reads infrared patterns to asses depth. Because of this, sunlight, reflective surfaces (and reflected sunlight)/glare,etc can affect the quality and integrity of your models. For this reason outdoor scanning is not supported. And in the Capture User Guide (below) we advise to close blinds, drapes, shades and use even internal lighting.

Because it's invisible and the camera works so well indoors it's easy to think "oh it's just a balcony" or "well there are clouds" but clouds can reflect as much or more infrared then the sun alone, and if you do outdoor scanning in the midst of your other scans - with scans relying upon one another to an extent - a whole property's work can be for not.

Therefore recommending if you decide to do outdoor scanning of any kind, to do so only at full-on dusk (the sun's disk no longer visible from any vantage point, but still available light.

I say this because sometimes people are going to attempt balconies, porches, a walk out to an in-law/granny unit/casita, or a property where the owner is keen on showing the view through their entirely glass walled living room to a reflective swimming pool just outside. In all cases, the best and in my opinion only shot at getting a relatively painless scan is to scan only at dusk and not a minute before.

Which is still no guarantee but is a best shot.

Note: If attempting any outdoor scans (1) smaller scan intervals - 4-5 feet maximum and you may have to reduce that to proceed at times. (2) do all outdoor scanning absolutely dead last, after all other scans for the property have been completed. That way if you have trouble, worst case, you could make a duplicate, delete the outdoor scans, and upload the duplicate (you aren't charged additional processing fees for uploading duplicates if you haven't added to many scans to them that it goes from being a Standard Model (3-100 scans, to a Large Model (101-200 scans).

The following are to show how invisible infrared can destroy an outdoor scan - so you'll have a healthy respect for it going in:

`1. Blackberry Farms park scanned (in partial shade) along a long path - uploaded fine, but the whole path reduced to a cluster of rings at the viewer's feet: totally unusable and unfixable.

2. Blackberry Farms park scanned (in partial shade) along a long path - uploaded fine but so completely destroyed by sun that there is no means to navigate but to go to dollhouse or floorpan (which are crazy looking!) and click on some other areas blindly): totally unusable and unfixable.

3. Blackberry Farms park scanned along a long path - only at full dusk - usable.
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crullier private msg quote post Address this user
Good info ladies.
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