Video: Google Product Manager Stafford Marquardt presents Large-Scale Google Street View Publishing at the 2017 Google Street View Summit in Tokyo (10-11 May 2017).

Google Street View Large-Scale Publishing Highlights

✓ Who wants to make Street View? (Communities, Trusted Pros, Agencies, Enterprises)
2016 Street View App: fast and easy to make your own Street View; HDR; interval capture; blurring (automatic and manual; rights transfer; connection editor; live preview)
2017 Street View App: any Street View Ready 1-click operation; ???; everyone can use Street View App; improved User Experience; Auto mode support; (Try auto model: auto mode will be in the next version of Street View App); connect a Street View Auto Ready Camera and tap the capture button (that easy to create a Google Street View)
New capture UI: offer single and auto-capture (camera options are easy to access)
Auto Mode: all you need to do is start moving: Google does the hard work of picking frames and automatically connecting them.
✓ Auto Mode: Monitor progress on a map as you drive/ride/walk and plan your next steps; Watch your stats for distance and time
Copy from camera: transfer video to phone for publishing; uploading directly from supported cameras
Review and publish: Video and track appear in Private Tab; Review recordings and publish to Maps
Chart your progress: Tracks appear in your Profile so you can work towards covering the whole map
Test Footage: (embedded below)
✓ Street View App: your app can offer driving model too! (Google built this on top of the Street View Publish API so that anyone can develop great driving experiences)
Improving quality: Camera telemetry data improves precision and is required for auto-ready (store metadata directly inside the video)
Improving user experience: Direct upload flow allows camera to automatically upload over WiFi: this makes publishing much easier

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