Video: Giroptic co-Founder and CEO Richard Ollier presents Giroptic at the 2017 Google Street View Summit in Tokyo (10-11 May 2017).

Giroptic iO Highlights

✓ Giroptic Mission: "We enable people to communicate, capture and share their experiences in the most immersive way, through innovative devices and services."
✓ "Creating compelling 360º content is hard"
✓ The Giroptic Camera was used in the International Space Station
✓ "360 content can now be created by anyone"
✓ "360 can tell meaningful stories" Context for Sharing with family-friends-community: Who / What / Where / Why / When
✓ Sharing 360º content needs to be super-easy
✓ Giroptic iOS connects with your smartphone because you already know how to use it to share images via social networks
✓ 360º Photos / 360º Videos
✓ convenient / fits in your pocket
Google Street View Mobile Ready capture, view and share from your mobile device

Price: $249 for Android and iOS (Android available in "a few weeks" [video recorded on 10 May 2017]

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