Video: Google Product Manager Stafford Marquardt explains why the Google Street View Editor was sunset -
and the Street View API (Beta) – at the 2017 Google Street View Summit in Tokyo (10-11 May 2017).


Hi All,

Google replaced Street View Editor with the Google Street View Publish API to enable developers to build publishing tools directly inside editing workflow.

(Examples of software using the Google Street View API (Beta): GoThru, Garden Gnome Software (Pano2VR) and LCP360 (Panoskin).

The Google Street View API is currently in Beta and open to all. It's likely that it will continue to be in Beta through the Summer 2017 and potentially still in September 2017.

Using the Google Street View API, developers can do the following with tours:

✓ upload
✓ position
✓ connect
✓ mobile / desktop / server
✓ place a cap in the nadir (bottom)

Upcoming API Enhancements

Levels - each floor gets a name and ordinal
Connectivity - auto-connecting only to paths
Warping - no jumping between businesses and floors
Paths - blue lines for all connected panos
Ranking – favor connectivity and beauty
Pegman - selection prioritizes connected panos
Attribution – before: inconsistent / after: consistent labeling
Time Machine – featuring your Street View

With the Google Street View Publish API, you can build your own Street View app.

Improvements coming soon to rankings, connectivity, attribution and more.

Other thoughts about the Google Street View API? (Beta)