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Video: Google Street View Auto Ready Cameras4568

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Video: Google Street View Product Manager Charles Armstrong announces Google Street View Auto Ready Standard at the 2017 Google Street View Summit in Tokyo (10-11 May 2017).

Hi All,

At the 2017 Google Street View Summit, Google announced four (4) new Standards for 360º cameras to be certified.

This post is about ...

Google Street View Auto Ready

"Google Street View app-compatible cameras built for high accuracy, large-scale, vehicle-based collection."

Google Specifications
(for a Camera to be certified Google Street View Auto Ready)

✓ 15 MP @ 5 FPS (frames per second)
✓ 360º horizontal FOV (fiend of view)
✓ 135º Vertical FOV
✓ On-device stitching
✓ Quality IMU
✓ Quality GPS
✓ CAD model of camera architecture
✓ Certified antenna design
✓ 4 hour recording capability
✓ IP67 or IP 58 compliance
✓ Open Spherical Camera (OSC) or Street View Publishing API support

The following Cameras are being prepared for Google Street View Auto Ready certification:

1. Sphericam
2. Z CAM (I will post the video to the Forum and link it here.)
3. Insta360 Pro
4. NCTech iSTAR Pulsar

We Get Around Atlanta has at least one client where we will buy a Google Street View Auto Ready Camera. The first project will pay for the camera. The commercial real estate broker has clients with large tracks of land and the broker would like to enable potential clients to tour the entire property.

If you are only focused on residential real estate, you are missing out on opportunities that a Google Street View Auto Ready Camera will make easy, fast and simple to capture, view and share.

Your thoughts? How else might you use one of these Auto Ready Cameras?


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Buenos Aires
jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
Why the need of an "auto ready" camera aproved by Google?

Are they planning to withdraw from making their regular Street Views of cities and neighborhoods using their cars and opening up that market for us?

If this is so, then the potential is huge. Imagine offering a small city the creation of a Street View for them and publish it to Google Maps!
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Google will continue to map the world. That said, imagine crowd-sourcing mapping the world to do it faster and keep the world up-to-date.

Your use-case - mapping a small city that is not on Google Street View - or the Street View is old - is a great example of how a Pro could make money.

Google simply created a standard and camera certification to make it easier for consumers / Pro to buy a camera knowing that it "auto ready" ...

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Buenos Aires
jfantin private msg quote post Address this user

Did they say anything about how or when we will be able to upload new Street Views?

Up until today we know that we can create virtual tours of different business but we never were able to upload "streets". As I previously said, this is really huge because the target market grows exponentially.

I already have a camera that is compatible with this Auto Ready standard, so in theory could start selling this new service tomorrow without waiting for NCTech and the others, if and only if Google explains the procedure.
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