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HDR BackUp Q Outside Matterport Services4555

VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Obviously Matteport has not helped us sustain a living as we have ventured into offering other photography services while others have come from other Photography professions to offer Matterport as an additional service.

My question comes into backing up our work.

As I have middlemen competitors coming into my market to offer Matterport services at $0.05/sq ft and I compete with still photographers for photo business in RE, are any of you implementing a cost of doing business into back ups on hard drives or DVD's or clouds and still finding yourselves competitive with middlemen?

I have found HDR Photography shot in Raw to eat up a lot of hard drive space while I have also had to back up the Ipad for Matterport Tours eating up the backup hard drive space as well (without adding in the cost of back up programs from Ipad to Windows for easier navigation before even looking at editing software).

What is your strategy for backing Matterport Ipad files and Raw still photo shots or videos from one or a group of shots from a property?

Or do you group a number of shoots into a timeline back up based on something like a season or months on the calendar?

When you back up your work, are you putting it onto an external drive or cloud? Or are you shrinking the files into something that can be tossed away into something like a DVD that could be brought back for regurgitation at a later date, but off of your current computer operation for faster flow?

I'm curious of your thoughts on this topic.

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LetMe3D private msg quote post Address this user
@VTLV, Wow, .05 a sq. ft.?

That is a tough one to swallow with a $4,000ish camera plus overhead. I hope you already got your ROI. Where are you located? Maybe I could send you work if it comes up.

Because of Matterport business model for real photographers I am choosing not to go down that road financially at this time. I hope things change because it is cool tech just not at $75 for a 1500 square foot house/business.

I am marketing other services and maybe that is where you might come in with your MP camera. I am on the East Coast are you anywhere near the Tri-Sate area? Philly/NJ/NYC?

If you are close and be willing to talk I would sell that service for allot more than that to high end clients. For me it is a supply and demand thing the demand is not here and I have been showing to everybody I meet. If someone wants it and is willing to pay maybe we can work something out.
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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
1. It is redundant to shoot RAW for HDR. Except for tweaking color temp, the HDR process is giving you as much dynamic range that RAW will, so shooting in-camera JPEG will alleviate a lot of storage issues. And you can color correct a jpeg just as easily.

2. After you have processed your HDR files, you can delete the original camera files. I have only on a few occasions re-processed old camera files and that was because early HDR was pretty crappy (dreamy and over saturated). current version of Photomatix in "natural" setting renders beautifully.

3. I'm still frustrated with archiving MP scans. It should be easy.
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