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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

360º Video: Google Street View Program Manager Catherine Moats discusses the Google Street View Camera Loaner Program with We Get Around Network Forum Founder Dan Smigrod at the Google Street View Summit in Tokyo (10-11 May 2017).

Here's a hidden gem. Google loans – free – 360º cameras. The application process is about you and what you would like to use the 360º Camera. Seems like a great way to 'test drive' 360º 1-click cameras before you buy. And, if you get one on loan, please publish your "test drive" in the We Get Around Network Forum.

What you think? Are you going to apply?

Highlights of the Google Street View 360º Camera Loaner Program

✓ 4 different 360º Cameras available in the program are Google Street view Auto Ready.


The following is from Google:

Google Street View camera loan application

The Google Street View camera loan program is here to help you share 360 experiences from amazing places around the world via Google Maps.

This program is open to pro photographers, travelers, and organizations (such as tourism boards, non-profits, government agencies, universities or research groups). It’s also open to others seeking to promote areas of cultural, historical or touristic significance as well as those who intend to photograph business interiors. Under this program, we may offer to lend you a Street View Trekker backpack or a Street View app-compatible 360 camera, depending on availability and what may best match your needs.

Important Notes:

• We are unable to satisfy all loan requests, but we appreciate your time and will reach out to those we can. If you are an individual business owner/manager, such as a restaurant, hotel or non-chain retail store, consider hiring a Trusted photographer or purchasing one of the supported spherical cameras instead.

• This program is currently available for a limited set of countries. We're working to expand eligibility to additional countries in the future, and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

• Your submission of an application will not guarantee that you will be selected. Google will select participants at its sole discretion. An ideal program participant will commit to either comprehensive coverage of a single site that it knows best (university campus, transit station, mall) or multiple sites focused around a central theme that it has a deep knowledge or interest in (bike paths, trails, restaurants/hotels, public parks).

• If selected for the program, Google will contact you regarding the manner in which the camera will be delivered.

• Google is not able to provide funding or sponsorship for applicants to the Street View loan program, beyond the equipment loan itself.


Source: Google

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Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
If Google starts loaning out Matterports, then things are going to get rather interesting...
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grmngrl private msg quote post Address this user
I applied twice with no answer back.
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