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Matterport Newbie Questions45

HomeBaseTeam private msg quote post Address this user
@GarySnyder Thank You! Been having a little trouble getting workshop to launch on my devices, even though everythings updated and plug-ins downloaded. I'm going to tinker around with it a bit more and see how i do
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
Workshop no longer works on chrome, you need to use Firefox to access workshop
Post 27 IP   flag post
HomeBaseTeam private msg quote post Address this user
@GarySnyder well that settles it! is that the same with ipad as well? Because safari been terrible
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
I've never tried using the iPad to access the workshop. Hopefully someone here can answer that for you.
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PieroBortolot private msg quote post Address this user
@HomeBaseTeam to launch workshop with chrome try the right-click of the mouse to run the plug-in

If it does not work,you must do this:

Update from Matterport on Chrome 42 and Workshop

Dear Matterport Customer,

On April 16th, 2015 Google removed direct support of plug-ins in the Chrome browser which disables the Matterport Workshop application. This affects Chrome v42 and later. You can continue to use recent versions of Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer without any changes.

If you would like to use Google Chrome to access Matterport Workshop, follow the instructions below:

Launch Chrome.
Click Chrome > About Google Chrome in the menu bar.
If you have version 42 or higher, type chrome://flags/#enable-npapi in the address bar. (If you have version 41 or prior, you can update to Chrome 42 in About Google Chrome.)
As shown in the screenshot below, click Enable.
Restart Chrome.

You can now use Workshop (available through with Chrome.
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IlanWoolley private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone
*Newbie question alert
My name is Ilan Woolley and I am currently in my first year of Business communication in The Netherlands.

For our last assignment of this year we are having an dragon den(ish)(shark tank) pitch in where we have to sell the dragons (mostly our teachers) our b2b service.

Instead of having a boring service like most of my class, I wanted something more exiting and more futuristic, and so I came up with a service in which I scan real estate properties with the Matterport camera in order to make 3d walkthroughs, but mainly for virtual reality in order to make it possible for the customers of these estate agents to use VR glasses and experience the houses I scanned.

But I encountered a problem on the way, as I realized that Google Cardboard was not yet compatible with the Matterport scanner, which means that customers cannot yet experience the VR experience on the Cardboard.

And that’s where my problem lies. Is there any other way I can let estate agents show their customers the houses by means of VR tours in a cheaper way? I know you can use the Samsung VR gear and the oculus rift with Matterport, but then every real estate I sell my service for needs to have at least one of those VR glasses in the price range of $200-300.

I saw some other VR glasses on the market in the price range of $40-60, so my question was: Will Matterport work with any other VR glasses than the Samsung VR and the Oculus rift?

Thanks for reading and sorry for my lack of knowledge on this subject. I have been researching alot about this subject lately and I am keen to know more and more about the possibilities of VR and Matterport.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Matterport VR Showcase is presently a beta solution that will (likely) launch Fall 2015 (or sooner).

Today, Matterport VRs are viewable only with the pairing of Samsung Gear VR + Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone as describe here and here.

For your school project, you might consider Matterport 3D Showcase on an iPad. It's a WOW experience.

In the Fall, it's likely that Matterport VR will be on additional VR headset solutions.


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HomeBaseTeam private msg quote post Address this user
How do you avoid staggered lines in your scans? for instance, sometimes the railings on the stairs are broken, or a light fixture looks warped/shifted.

do more scans make give the scene more resolution? Sometimes scans look low res, or edges of furniture are scruffy.
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
If you add more scans to the area, it will help with details. You can then go into the workshop mode and disable those additional scans you don't want to appear in the showcase view. Try to limit the amount of scans you have showing to give a natural feel when someone walks around the area.

The update MP did a few months ago helped with some of the shadowing and black areas, as it applies a "smart fill" to the area. This has helped, but it's still not perfect. Basically it just comes down to putting more time and effort into each area to make sure you remove as much unseen areas as possible.
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craigsauer private msg quote post Address this user
There was also some discussion here a while back about trying to position the camera in such a way that there wouldn't be a "stitch" in a tricky area (like the bannister of a stairway. You can rotate the camera manually on your tripod before you start a scan to start it off pointing straight at the problem area. I don't actually know if this ever solved anyone's problem, but I thought it was a good idea.

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

that's how I made sure I did not mangle the model's face in this one. I did a lot of testing. This also reduced the time my model had to stay still.

You will appreciate the collaboration with the model to get each shot exactly right (since we can not preview in Capture).

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