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davidpylyp private msg quote post Address this user
"For a business expense the investment in a Matterport model is very reasonable"

I considered long and hard about what to charge and looked to others that are already invested.

There is a price that is The full Suggested Retail Price.
There is the friends and family, repeat business price.
There is a loss leader.

I get that.

So I priced my tours at 50 cents psf and will negotiate to hold my margin; because I need to pay taxes, wages, upload, broadband, and depreciate equipment (electronics)travel and PROFIT.

I understand discounting brings business. BUT IF you have no business, advertising a lower price sets the standard for others.

What charges do you think are fair?
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HomeBaseTeam private msg quote post Address this user

I'm having a hard time pricing it out to my clients. I orginally started out with a floorplan service but now I'm branching out with Matterport. 50 per sqf sounds like a very high number to charge. What's the feedback you're getting on that price and what industry is your focus?
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crullier private msg quote post Address this user
The problem is that realtors are very cheap..
But I think 0.50 cents is very reasonable for what you get.
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Marcel private msg quote post Address this user
psf doesn't work with large scans, it works out too expensive.
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crullier private msg quote post Address this user
Guys, the real problem is matterports business model. Its almost as if they want realtors to buy their own device, host their own models. Matterport is positioned itself to via its offering to cut of the equation service providers. What do you think?
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
It all depends on your market. @davidpylyp, if you can get away with 50c per sq ft in Toronto, then I will take my hat off to you. I struggle at 15c here in Vancouver, and combined with a floor plan it's half that price.

If you have a 3000 sq ft house, I highly doubt an agent will be willing to pay $1500 for the scan.

By all means try a higher price, but don't ruin your name by having them consider you way to expensive to use. If you quote them 50c, then come back and say 25c and then 15c, you will lose integrity and credibility very fast, and give the impression you do not know what you are doing.

Go an show the product to a few realtors and ask them how much they are willing to pay, and would they be happy to pay by sq ft.
One other thing to note, if you are charging per sq ft, you will need to know the size. Matterport does not give this to you. If you don't know the size, perhaps charge them in increments to cover yourself 0-1000 sq ft, 1000-1500 etc.
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crullier private msg quote post Address this user
so are you guys making enough money to at least pay for your cameras? (ROI)
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CarlosFHdz private msg quote post Address this user
@Crullier , @Marcel has said it best when I was asking similar questions. " Pricing is only an issue in the absence of value" . I personally believe $.50 per SqFt is too high, unless you are the only provider in a market which homes are over $3 million as a norm and already have the agent connections. Reason being that agents see many other ways to spend that money for more.
Even though MP is targeting their camera to agents to DIY, Cannon and Nikon advertise to everyone, yet there's been professional photographers for a while. Even though the MP capture is almost dummy proof, the more practice the better scans, walk through flow and better results due to accurate trimming, Etc.

If you want to make more money, provide more value.

Target your service to the top agents, team up with some that you will provide an introductory discount for them to try it, provide feedback, give you a testimonial and go from there.
There's my .02Cents.
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Depends on how long you expect to pay for your camera I guess. It's a tax write off, so you may not want to pay it off quickly.
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CarlosFHdz private msg quote post Address this user
@Jamie, even if you pay it off, its a capital investment. Tax write off. Business expense for equipment.
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crullier private msg quote post Address this user
thanks for the input Carlos.
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Chankane private msg quote post Address this user
I've heard of realty companies that have their own scan guy, not sure how it works. As for realtors doing their own scan; way I see it is that realtors should do what they are good at and leave others so what they are good at. Obviously Matterport wants to sell cameras to everyone (individual realtors), reality is that the scanning is not exactly fool proof. I'd think a good realtor would want an, ahem, "professional" to do it.
I haven't had enough request for scans to claim or even justify ROI, I only do 3-4 scans/mo. Rates start at 300. And mostly, that's it. Lucky to be able to get larger scans. Way I see it now is that I hope clients see that I'm willing invest to provide them with anything they want. And hope that they'll come to me knowing that I can provide.
But yes, financially it doesn't seem sound or wise...
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CarlosFHdz private msg quote post Address this user
@Cruillier, The ROI will also be in being an early adopter and being one of the first to provide this service in your area.
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EricThomas private msg quote post Address this user
The demand simply isn't great enough. In my opinion as both a realtor and a MP owner .50 per foot is way too high. A few years down the road when 3D viewing of properties is the norm you will have enough demand to lower your costs and make it in volume. But I'm sure there will be other sharks in your water as well offering the same service.

What I have found that works here is a flat rate up to 3,000 sq/ft and then a per foot after that. I find that Realtors do value this technology more than normal professional photos but there is a breaking point. If you can get them out the door between $250-400 its within reason for even normal listing agents (homes under $500,000) to justify that expense.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for posting.

This is a great topic. It is of interest to everyone. Photographers. Potential photographers. Agents. Brokers. Other potential clients. And, MUG members in 30 countries.

Nearly 500 different people looked at the Matterport User a Group Forum in the last 24 hours. Nearly 38,000 page views in the last 30 days. The Forum has 334 members. And, MUG is now growing by 70 new members monthly.

If you have not joined yet, please do (free) and post your thoughts here.

If you are already a member, please post your thoughts here.

Thank you in advance for joining the discussion.

What are your thoughts on this topic and why?


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ccctucker private msg quote post Address this user
I definitely think this is a regional discussion. Here in Seattle, business is starting to pick up, but agents are a fickle bunch that either get it, or don't. We have a few that do it for all of the houses, and some that only use it for mil + homes. Either way, price is everything and we are at 250 base plus 100 per floor. The sq footage issue is a discussion that we would like to have, but it makes pricing convoluted and this just makes it simple. It seems like some of the smaller houses here have taken more time than the large ones. I figure most houses take an hour per Floor to complete.

Bottom line: We can have a few customers at the higher rate, but it makes it easy for competition to undercut Us-thus driving prices down. I am going for the medium to pay the bills.
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