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If you have been following @DannyBasting 's posts since Winter 2016 about Matterport meets Game Engine, you already know that Danny - nice name - has been doing innovative work using Matterport in the AEC space. His company, InventiveCG, offers at least six different AEC solutions. Here's one of them ...

InventiveCG AEC CAD Conversion Service

For all the services mentioned above, InventiveCG can create a BIMx presentation as well.

BIMx is a presentation and collaboration tool that can be used to view your CAD files on Android and iOS.

Besides the ability to add architectural plans that can be aligned with the 3D model, InventiveCG can also include PDF pages (provided by the client), so you can have all your relevant information, in one convenient place.

See an example InventiveCG BIMx Conversion here.

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