360º Video: Matterport Business Development Manager Tomer Poran interviewed by We Get Around Network Founder Dan Smigrod at SPAR 3D Expo & Conference in Houston, Texas on Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Hi All,

Here are the highlights of my video interview with Matterport Business Development Manager Tomer Poran at SPAR 3D in Houston.

✓ Pre-construction (export point cloud) - bring into Autodesk Revitt for "as-built" model
✓ Pre-construction for bidding (faster, better)
✓ General contractors document contract as it is happen (liability and dispute resolution)
✓ Project close-out (operational manuals, installation instructions)
✓ cost savings (documentation versus a 3rd party solution for still images)
✓ better solution that 50,000 photos over the course of a project (alternative or in addition to)


Architects (Selling Points)

✓ never miss a measurement, never miss a photo (like designing on slight)

Construction (Selling Points)

documentation for communication (dispute resolution, liability)
love the dimensional view

Engineers (Selling Points)

✓ like the measuring in point clouds
✓ project close-out
✓ dispute resolution
sub $70,000 projects, use Matterport because too much to use LiDAR scanners
✓ lots of interest in the data that the Matterport camera captures

AEC space: use to getting services from 3rd party service providers (rather than buying a Camera).

What is your experience with Matterport in the AEC space?



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