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.objAdviceTips - New interface... working?4227

ArchimedStudio private msg quote post Address this user

I thought I would go and see if was working again (yes, I'm an optimistic guy!).
To my surprise, the webpage is totally different (all red), and apparently it now works with the .OBJ file.
The password also seems to have changed from before...
1/ does anyone know if this works?
2/ does anyone have the password so that I can try it and see how it works?
3/ thanks a lot in advance!

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

The site for MP2SQFT+ is at:

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3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
Would you please try our JuMP-ME (SQFT measurement tool for Matterport OBJ result) at below page?

To answer your two questions:
---1/ does anyone know if this works?
-----Yes, it works by our testing.
---2/ does anyone have the password so that I can try it and see how it works?
-----Currently no password required, it is free, please try it.

It is a beta test version.
Currently we can't support Mac system with Safari.
Would you please try it under Windows system with Chrome.

And please feedback if there are some issue when trying it.
Thank you so much!

JuMP team from China
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ArchimedStudio private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @JuMP,

Great news!
I tested it with our latest Space, and it works like a charm (once you understand how it works... the lack of UI is a bit scary, but it's not that complicated).

I tested an old Space that still works with MP2SQFT (available on and I got very close results:
MP2SQFT: 692.24sf
JuMP-ME: 677.15sf

That's a little over a 2% difference. I can totally live with that. If I try to calculate the dimensions by hand, I'm way further off than 2%.

Very promissing tool!! Keep us posted on the progress!

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3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Matt,

Thank you for your feedback.

We want to make JuMP-ME V1.0 a free tool so that we didn't spend much time on it.

About the difference between JuMP-ME result and Matterport result, we believe our result is more accurate than Matterport's result.
We use Solidworks(mechanical design software) to build a shape and measure it will high accuracy within Solidworks and then use JuMP-ME to measure it again.

We get the accuracy of JuMP-ME is better than 0.3%.

Currently we are working on the 2nd version of JuMP-ME.
It will be more easier to use with more functions.
The 2nd version won't be free.
But we will keep JuMP-ME V1.0 online free for all.

Thank you.
JuMP team from China
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
MP2SQFT uses data that Matterport generated from the patched OBJ that is seen in showcase. The patched OBJ is the OBJ generated by the tour with areas that were missing data 'filled in'.

JuMP uses the downloadable OBJ file without the patched data.

That's why there's a discrepancy. I'm fairly confident that both JuMP and Matterport are calculating SQFT based on surface area of the OBJ files. If JuMP were to intercept the OBJ file used by Workshop, they'd likely get the same numbers.

This is difficult for a few reasons:
#1) The Showcase OBJ is broken into chunks for awesomely fast streaming/loading by Matterport.
#2) Intercepting and utilizing it would violate Matterport's TOS.

JuMP's tool -will- literally tell you how many SQFT you -did- actually scan whereas MP2SQFT, using Matterport's data up until mid-Jan 2017, was reporting the surface area scanned with a few patches.

@ArchimedStudio -- Want to know how many SQFT the patches were?

MP2SQFT sqft - JuMP sqft = SQFT of the Patches
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