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3D Showcase vs Direct Sunlight Conditions4217

matthew private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone,

I read various theories in past about the difficulty of Matterport technology to create a 3D Model versus direct sunlight conditions, which is something it had been explained many times in this forum and i had believed it too for varius technical reasons up until today when i saw this:

Can anyone explain how is this possible to shoot in the outdoor of this temple where you can clearly distinguish that it took place in the middle of day and versus direct sunlight conditions!

All feedback is mostly welcome

Best Regards,

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SailAway private msg quote post Address this user
Amazing Scan
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RGO private msg quote post Address this user
Hi....they had WALLS to bounce the beams off of....once you go away by 10 feet.....done....worse in sunlight. As long as you stay close.

Here we did Plymouth Rock, of Pilgrims in Massachusetts. It took us 5 tries and we are still not happy because of the failures in sunlight...sunset....cloudy days. We did them all.

Here we combined TAGS with video and historical information.

If they had the ability to use more of the photo than the beam echo, there would be more work.

We still have a couple of tricks yet to try.
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DouglasMeyers private msg quote post Address this user
First of all you will notice the scan points are closer together than normal and I am sure the tripod was lower than normal...
I think... sometimes it's just how the camera see it.
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Charlieshoe private msg quote post Address this user
When scanning outdoors (ie a patio), how do you mark boundaries? As windows, I assume?
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JonJ private msg quote post Address this user
I agree with Douglas with regards to how this scan is possible. By my estimation, the camera is set to a height of only 3 ft 6 inches. The scan positions are also very close together. The third thing that makes this possible is the fact that all of the surfaces available are solid. This allows for sufficient structures to allow for correlation of scan points.
Also important to note is the fact that the dollhouse view is very incomplete. However it does provide context for the layout of the site.

As for marking boundaries for outside scans, simply use the trim marker to make clean boundaries. Do not use the window marker tool as it will create artificial "walls" that will have the impression of the images that would have been evident if there was a wall present.

If you look at the steps leading up to the front porch (in the dollhouse view) here is an example where I marked the boundaries with both the trim tool and window marker tool.

clickable text
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