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Accountless Capture Background Upload4192

3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
I provide Matterport scanning services as a subcontractor for many other agencies and provide services to some clients with their own accounts. I'm quite careful to swap out accounts before uploading.

Today, I finally received access to the collaborator account I was waiting on in order to upload a tour from last week. I logged in, clicked upload, and 3 seconds later, the upload was done. Well, this must have been a mistake. So I duplicated the model and uploaded again. 3 seconds, done.

I researched on WGA and found several articles about Capture uploading data in the background.

Upload Partially Complete Before I Upload
Upload Speeds

What is interesting is that until one MANUALLY clicks the upload button while logged in -- the tours that are background uploaded are not assigned to an account. This is very curious behavior -- and it's good.
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Chadcloses private msg quote post Address this user
I just did my first properties for someone with their own account. I logged in as them, which by the way requires an internet connection. I uploaded the models before I left the job using the sales office wifi but they both uploaded just as all other have. Just make sure you remember to switch accounts before your next job. Lol. I had another model immediately after but I did remember to switch back to my account before starting.
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aerialpixels private msg quote post Address this user
>>This is very curious behavior -- and it's good.

@metroplex360 I wish I could understand why its good.
I imagine your code-crazed mind bubbling with excitement.

Are you like the character Tank in the Matrix...u dont see the code anymore..its girl in red here, man there...
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@aerialpixels No, listen

So I shot 2 tours... I logged into a new collaborator account and clicked upload for the FIRST TIME EVER. IT took 2 seconds. I thought that something must have gone wrong. No way those tours uploaded that fast...

And then I realized -- they uploaded in the background and the account information is assigned at the moment that the user actually CLICKS upload.

I think this is a VERY strange decision by Matterport. It's good in that it saved me time ... the tours were not preprocessed - so that still had to happen. I just wish that Capture would have a notification that the tours are on Matterport's servers already awaiting connection to an MSP account.

It was a little Scooby Dooish.
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aerialpixels private msg quote post Address this user
hahaha.. i see.

yup, i too had experienced super fast uploads that did raise my eyebrows. but i didnt question why and just continued my life with the blue pill...
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