The Washington Post (24 March 2017) Virtually changing how buyers shop for new homes

This is a "must read" in-depth article. I found this article on the @immoviewer Facebook page.


“Technology is changing rapidly, but we think the use of virtual reality will reshape and transform how new homes are designed, marketed and sold,” says Tim Costello, founder and chief executive officer of Builder Homesite Inc. (BHI), the parent company of Builders Digital Experience (BDX) and, a builder marketing business based in Austin.

Costello says that while almost no builders are exclusively using virtual reality to market their homes, the number of them experimenting with the technology has increased exponentially in the past year.

Consumers can experience a home that has yet to be built through virtual reality either by using a headset at a builder’s design center or sales center and sitting in front of a monitor or by using a cardboard headset and an app on their smartphone created for the builder.


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