Hi Al,

A look at the future of 360º live / recorded video.

StereoStitch is the secret sauce behind the magic of 360º stereoscopic 360º live or off-line video.

In this video (above), I chatted with Dermandar and StereoStitch Co-Founder and CEO Elie-Gregoire Khoury on Friday (3 March 2017).

Here are my notes from this video:

Video Highlights

✓ Desktop VR Solution
✓ Multiple Cameras
✓ StereoStitch.com (offline or live stitch)
✓ Stereoscopic experience (the more overlap you have, the better the 3D)
✓ Ring configuration (most successful)
✓ 2 camera for mono; 4 for stereo; 6 recommended (very nice, butter smooth stereoscopic live video)
✓ real-time stitching
✓ license the software: StereoStitch (SteroStitch.com) - free trial on the website
✓ two versions of software: off-line stitching and live stitching
✓ perfect stitching in cameras in a ring
✓ sold many licenses (for offline)
✓ no white label (enough money; anything is possible)
✓ openGL (can be embedded in a camera)
✓ Nokia Ozzo (8 camera; 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom not useful) - 4 in a ring works with StereoStitch
✓ Live-stream that is stereoscopic
✓ YouTube does not presently support live-stream of stereoscopic 360º video
✓ Record in stereoscopic and "step-down" for YouTube Live (off-line YouTube supports stereoscopic
✓ Facebook only interested in mono: not stereoscopic
✓ live software requires capture devices (HDMI with two dongles and lots of cables)
✓ [off camera: Dan Smigrod looked at stereoscopic: amazing]

Are you an event photographer? How might you leverage 360º stereoscopic live or recorded video for your clients?



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